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User Info: billybgame

4 weeks ago#1
I've played the Crusader on the now that I'm doing PS4 and the Seasons, and did a Barb last season, Crusader is up next. I only did Hammerdin's before. I thought I'd try something new, like a Blessed Shield or Fist of Heavens build. So far, though, here I am again, playing another Hammerdin....these other skills cannot touch Blessed Hammer, at least at this point, which is level 38. Maybe they'd be feasible, but they use up wrath too fast to work. I read about builds for Blessed Shield, but I'm thinking maybe they are very item dependent? Or, I have to have much better wrath regen and better rune skills.

Or is Blessed Hammer the only good Crusader skill? I think that's why I chose it in the first place on the PS3....the rest seem so far inferior.

Thanks for any advice.

User Info: jisher

4 weeks ago#2
I haven't played a crusader recently, but generally speaking for all classes, the build guides don't come into effect until you reach level 70. Some builds are also very dependent on certain legendaries.

User Info: billybgame

4 weeks ago#3
I have started switching to Fist of Heavens.....seems to work good at times, but huge Wrath costs.....I did chicken out vs Belial and switched back to Blessed Hammer. Just haven't gotten a good enough one handed weapon to forego my massive damage from 2 handed(playing on Expert). Would like to go 1 handed and try Blessed Shield more. Found nifty legendary shield that gives big boost to first hit of BS.

User Info: samsengir

4 weeks ago#4
If you want to capitalise on the free set armour your receive by completion of chapter 4 then it might be worth looking into a Thorns build.
It has one of the easiest set dungeons imo which might be something to think about if you’re working your way through the seasonal journey.

How about a pet build? Phalanx and Falling Sword can summon avatars that fight with you.
Baleful Remnant, Tasker & Theo, Eternal Union, Warhelm Of Kassar and Unrelenting Phalanx items will all help along with Akkhan’s set armour as you’ll likely want the skill Akarat’s Champion.
It’s not the most effective but is good for a laugh.
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User Info: Heluva

4 weeks ago#5
Best crusader build is: Condem Build.
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User Info: billybgame

3 weeks ago#6
I looked at the Icy Veins page for build ideas....many are very specific item dependent. Including the Condemn one.

I got a great one handed legendary so am using Blessed Shield to pretty good effect on Expert now. Compared it to BH and it was better....especially against single targets like treasure goblins and bosses. I'll stick with it now and see how things go.

samsengir: I did notice my set reward did look to be for a Thorns build. I always thought, from my past D2/Eastern Sun experience, Thorns was a big no-no. You never want to try to get hit, basically.

I really wanted to play at least a somewhat ranged Crusader, after my Barb last season. But, we will see if and when I get the set. I'll ponder the Thorns idea more.

User Info: Heluva

3 weeks ago#7
At Expert diff. level anything is good enough to progress ...
What level are u ?
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User Info: The_OD

3 weeks ago#8
Remember, the season bonus wont work with the free sets.
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User Info: Heluva

3 weeks ago#9
And prob his sword is ancient, thats why he is finds it very useful
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