2 months ago #1
    I recently started playing D3 for the first time. I've been thinking of buying it for years, but had other games to play, etc, etc.

    I was just hoping to get a little general advice to help enhance my experience. I've spent a good amount of time googling, but most of the info I come across is above my pay grade. I'm obviously way behind the pack here. I haven't played Greater Rifts or anything yet.

    So here's some info, just to give an idea of where I'm at in the game:

    I have the eternal collection.

    I've been playing solo.

    I completed story mode using a Demon Hunter, then got her up to 70 in adventure mode.

    I just started a seasonal character and I'm currently doing bounties. This character is also a Demon hunter. I was really looking forward to trying a different class, but I read online that you can only get "Haedrig's Gift" once per season, so I wanted to get that set for my DH class.

    Don't know if it really matters, but I've been using the Templar follower. None of the followers seem to be much help, but at least he buffs my character and heals. Is there a way to make followers more useful, other than just giving them better gear?

    I think that's about it. So, any advice for a rookie?
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