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User Info: necronium

1 month ago#1
So, i am currently playing PoE. I really dunno if S17 is big enough of a draw to keep me interested now.

How do you guys feel about the most recent patch notes? The only interesting thing for me is that they are tweaking some legendary effects, but i dont think its near enough to keep the overall gameplay fresh.

Anyone that plays this play PoE? Have you made a full swap, or still playing both?
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User Info: Heluva

1 month ago#2
Tried PoE but didnt like it. Addicted to D3, so dont even care about the patches. Get my char, finish journey, P1000 and im done until next season.
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User Info: Arneb_Nihal

1 month ago#3
I’m playing PoE, but I think I’ll force myself to complete (as usual) the first four season chapters for the cosmetics. The thing is, I did the same for the last 3-4 seasons, so PoE or not PoE the problem for me is D3 itself.
On the other hand, it’s still my fav couch co-op when my brother visits me.
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User Info: Tanthalas

1 month ago#4
You do know you have no obligation to keep playing D3 if you don’t want to, don’t you?

I think it’s kind of stupid to complain about the lack of new content in D3 compared to PoE, when PoE is an MMO using a revenue model that is dependent on adding new content to the game to have players keep spending. D3 isn’t like that, we haven’t spent a dime since the Necromancer pack.
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User Info: Arneb_Nihal

1 month ago#5
For me, D3 problem isn’t the lack of new content: I kept playing D2 for years (I still play now from time to time) after patch 1.10. But I’ve discussed why I prefer the latter often enough on this board, I don’t want to start it once more.
That said, we are all new to PoE, so I can’t say that I won’t be bored of it in a shorter time than D3. Who knows?

P.s.: no one forces me to play D3, but I feel compelled to get limited time cosmetics :/
"Unhappy is the land that breeds no hero."
"No, Andrea: Unhappy is the land that needs a hero"

User Info: Alexandra_Trent

1 month ago#6
Neither for me.

PoE doesn't interest me and I have other games that I'll want to play.

No more D3 for me; not right now or the near forseeable future. We've cleared a GR 142 a month ago and almost done a 144 the day after. It's not a big deal per se. We can do it. does take a bit of fishing at that level. And I don't like fishing. My teammates do; I dont. It's just....getting a bit stressful for me. Too much. And playing with people I don't necessarily like just to get paragons when the others aren't on......Nope. Not doing that anymore.

Also, LON. Nah. I'll sit S17 out.
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User Info: necronium

1 month ago#7
Oh believe me, I have sang praises since ps3 days about blizzard and their awesome progressive updates for free without buying dlc, plenty. Its why ive pre ordered the game on both systems. Bought the dlc immediately bc it was a way to support a game i love.

But at the same time the game is stale now Which is to be expected for a game as old as this. it happens. Ive played since diablo 1 first came out, but more heavily on 2. I think its been particularly a bad transition on this game though and i dont hold blizzard accountable for that, moreso activision. But thats a whole other topic.

I wasn't complaining about anything. I was trying to broach a conversation with other long time players who i already have a rapport with. New content is a pretty frequent conversation for diablo 3 anymore. So when a highly anticipated game, that is a direct rival of the bigger more well known franchise game, drops interest is bound to wane

So you can get of your high horse buddy...

Same for me i enjoy getting the cosmetic stuff now that i am a comfortable enough paragon to really not have to worry about much bc i dont solo push for things. I play pretty casually anymore.
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User Info: Grumblegore

1 month ago#8
I will do the season chapters for the cosmetics and that's it for me this season.

PoE is fine for a time but i get bored really quickly and can't play it for long. Don't know what it is but PoE feels somehow not right. Hard to explain, it has so much content but stills feels shallow and pointless and boring to me.
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User Info: CheaterMcCheat

1 month ago#9
I really didn't like PoE but do what works for you, maybe take a break from D3 for a bit.

User Info: ragnew

1 month ago#10
So looks like we're getting some new wings for completing Guardian this season. I'll probably be there to get those but back to POE soon after. Also looking like we'll be getting the cosmetics that we missed earlier in the life cycle!
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