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User Info: Technician_X

2 years ago#1
Hey all,

With seasons now on console and there being a lot of players returning to the game, I thought it would be a good idea to write up a guide for running bounties and how to maximize your farming. All the tips and suggestions here will be for completing them as fast as possible. Most of this will apply to multiplayer but solo play can benefit as well. I’ll include a few gearing suggestions at the end too.


Some of you may not be familiar with this concept, so I’ll explain here. Split farming is a method where everyone in a multiplayer session runs a different bounty at the same time. Don’t worry about losing out on the rewards. The game will credit you with completed bounties even if you are on a different map or act. You don’t even need to be present when someone turns the final one in to Tyrael. The horadric caches will automatically go into your inventory. Split farming can be done a couple different ways. The first is to have everyone run a separate bounty in the same act. Ideally in a 4-man game, everyone will complete their bounty and then converge on the final bounty. Generally speaking, it is better to leave the boss bounty as the last one, so everyone can be free to assist and take it down quickly. The second method is to just let everyone run their own act entirely on their own. Assuming that everyone in the game is well-geared and can handle bosses easily on their own, this is the faster method.

Special Craft Mats per cache:

3 (normal – master)
6 (T1 - 6)
8 (T7 - 9)
10 (T10)
12 (T11)
14 (T12)
16 (T13)

General Multiplayer Tips & Etiquette

-If you haven't figured this out yet, after a short time being in your bounty, a yellow arrow will appear to point you in the direction of your objective.

-Play on the difficulty level you are suited for. If you are having trouble on T8 difficulty solo, then it’s not a good idea to run T10 bounties. You’ll just be slow and probably die a lot. Remember, mobs gain increased health in multiplayer too. Unless it has changed, monsters gain +50% hp for every player in the game (but their damage stays the same). So keep in mind that while you may one-shot mobs in solo play, they take more of a beating here.

-Try to wait until you have other players in game before turning in a final bounty. Typically, I will start a Quick Match and if it creates a new game, I’ll go ahead and start farming. Sometimes it can be several minutes before people show up. I’ll leave the last bounty alone so if somebody comes in, they’ll still get the rewards. People are more likely to immediately quit if they see an act has already been turned in.

-If you’re in a game tagged bounties, then run the darn bounties. Please don’t sit around the town hub and fool around in your stash for twenty minutes. Or join a bounties game and immediately open a rift. Do that in your solo game or after everything is completed.

-Don’t pick up everything you see. Constantly overloading your inventory just makes things take longer when you have to make numerous salvage trips. The cache rewards have a substantial amount of materials in them anyways, so don’t worry about losing out. Typically, I just pick up death breaths, gems and legendaries.

-Skip special levels like Vaults and Whimsydale. Again, the goal here is to complete the bounties quickly. You can always make a mental note of where you killed a portal goblin and go back to it after everything is turned in.

-Skip trash mobs whenever possible. Don't go out of your way to kill that one lone skeleton. Just keep heading towards your objective.

User Info: Technician_X

2 years ago#2

-If you are in the middle of a bounty, do not warp to a boss fight! Just decline it. If you warp to the fight, you’ll have to backtrack afterwards all the way to where you were on your original bounty. Pro-tip: It is a good idea to map your main damage spam skill to something other than the ‘X’ button, because you can accidentally hit “accept” while you’re mashing away on the button and the boss notification window suddenly pops up.

-"There aren't enough monsters to complete this damn bounty!" Chances are that it is a flying mob or a worm sitting underground. If your objective says "1 monster remaining," then you'll just have to backtrack. Watch your minimap and look for a skull icon. That's your missing monster. It should eventually pop up so you can kill it.


I won’t go into huge detail on this, but rather offer suggestions on certain pieces. Equip items and skills to increase move speed to get to the objective faster. If you want some build ideas for speed farming, I suggest checking out and do a class search for speed/bounty builds.

-Boon of the Hoarder gem and Avarice Band ring: these two items synergize very well. BotH causes a ton of gold to drop, and the ring allows you to pick all of it up in a flash, which in turn increases your movement speed. If you are having defensive problems, include a Goldwrap with these two items. You’ll basically become invincible as long as you keep picking up gold.

-Ring of Royal Grandeur: Reduces the number of required items to complete a set bonus by one. In other words, if you have 5 pieces of a set and equip or cube this ring, you'll get the full 6 piece bonus. Useful for mixing and matching items and equipping multiple set bonuses. Example: You want to use full Sunwuko set but also want to use a Magefist. Cube the ring and equip Magefist in place of Sunwuko’s Paws. There you go.

-Krelm’s Buff Belt: Excellent item for boosting movement speed.

-Reaper’s Wraps, Pride’s Fall: Both useful items to put in the cube if you’re having trouble with resource management.

-Sage’s Set: If you’re low on death's breaths, you may want to consider this in your bounty build. Just make sure your build can support two pieces of it along with a Ring of Royal Grandeur so you get the full Sage’s set bonus along with the full bonus of your main set.

That’s about all I can think of right now. If you have anything to add, post away. Happy hunting.

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2 years ago#3

Sticky requested.
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User Info: nowhere2hide

2 years ago#4
Sticky requested
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User Info: Crazyness

2 years ago#5
I just run a different act personally but usually in a split game I run 2 full acts by myself. All those years on pc paid off I guess haha

User Info: strife187

2 years ago#6
i'd like to add, that if you find a menegerist or gelatinous goblin, bandit shrine, or rainbow portal message the group and let them know. if you hear a goblin off-screen be careful to not spook it until you can see what kind it is, so you dont aggro a blue goblin before your group can travel to you.

User Info: Rjmhart

2 years ago#7
Thanks. Sticky requested.

In my other topic it sounds like split farming helps for caches and material farming. It however does not help for the PSN trophy for 500 bounties. You have to be present when the bounty is completed for it to count towards the trophy.
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User Info: BrolySuperpower

2 years ago#8
I'll be down for some bounty farming although I'm not very strong. PLVL25 iirc
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User Info: Rjmhart

2 years ago#9
Would someone mind posting some build names that are good for speed running? I looked up one on YouTube and found it zipping around.

Preferably builds that don't require very specific equipment but both would be helpful. Once we get all classes to 70 we will likely try to get the trophy for 500 bounties and feel like we got our value on the game.
JP thought he was a genius. Turns out he's just a thief.

User Info: BlacknGold86

2 years ago#10
Awfully sticky in here...
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Currently streaming: Diablo 3 (Seasonal Witch Doctor, and building fire Wizard), KoF XIV (learning Kukri, Vanessa, and Clark)