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6 years ago#1
... as I have just done on Super Hero difficulty, can I still go back and photograph all enemy types and all to get 100%? Or are there only certain enemy types that appear in certain missions. For example, if I beat all the thug mugging events without photographing the enemies, are they lost and I'm screwed for the photo completion?
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User Info: PsychoD_Boy

6 years ago#2
If you took out all of the sniper squads I think you're screwed for them. Seekers can be a pain in the ass if you took out all of them but there's one in one of the Oscorp Labs and one in a ally after you lose your powers. Not sure if you can photograph that one though, I already had it by that point.

And I know the bit about the powers is a spoiler but the topic is about after beating the game. If you haven't beaten it and your here that's on you.

User Info: atbloo

6 years ago#3
Regarding the snipers, I'm fairly certain I had some appear after clearing all the sniper side-missions. I did not have a photo of them at that point, so perhaps the developers took into account the fact you might miss them.
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