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  3. I need serious help with Mushroom 8.

User Info: Xeilua

1 year ago#1
As in exact ability and item setups. I have tried f***ing EVERYTHING.

Horizontal slash method doesn't work. Mushroom always falls before I can get past 75.

Master form method doesn't work. Sora always f***s it up by doing that stupid aerial leap combo which lets the mushroom get away half the time.

Wisdom form method always fails; thundaga doesn't launch him AT ALL so he just falls to the ground before I can get a f***ing shot in.

Also tried a Final form jump method...which doesn't work because the mushroom falls to the ground while you're transforming.

This s*** is the Chocobo Catcher of KH2. f*** whoever made this minigame.

User Info: mcmadpac2

1 year ago#2
Honestly, the wisdom form method worked the best for me.

Make sure berserk charge is equipped.

If you're facing Merlin's castle I would recommend forcing him into the left corner area.

Go into wisdom form and thunder him until your mp is depleted and just attack with wisdom form.

Make sure you keep a good distance between yourself and the shroom.

For some reason the auto-lock would turn off everyone once in awhile so keep you're eye on that too.

If your mp resets then just go back to thundering him.

I tried all the other methods but this one only took me 3 tries and I believe I got 93. But yeah f this d***head.

User Info: Hotel_Security

11 months ago#3
Horizontal slash method doesn't work. Mushroom always falls before I can get past 75.

Tip for this: Equip Berserk Charge so there's no finishers and Hold FORWARD when you're using HS.

This will result in Sora basically "swimming in midair" where he'll constantly be moving forward while using HS since the momentum of the move will pull him forward. And with Berserk, he'll never stop swinging so you're effectively flying in midair but without having to resort to glide.

This will help you "chase" the Mushroom when he pushes away from you after around 70-ish hits. It's not a guarantee (no method on this Mushroom is) but it could help this method better.
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User Info: TheJRPGPro

11 months ago#4
Don't give up!
Believe that you can do it! =D
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User Info: thecpl1987

10 months ago#5
Same as above. This one is almost definitely luck based, it took me probably close to two hours of off and on attempts to finally get.

EDIT: SCRATCH THAT I got pissed and used berserk charge in WISDOM form. Although, honestly I dont think you need berserk charge to make wisdom form work except to start. Then you just keep him at the very edge of lock on range and blast away.

Basically waste your MP and throw him in the air. Then use your berserk charge time to get him up, get locked on, and establish the range you need to just barely be close enough for lock on. Then once berserk charge wears off and you have the long recovery from finishers you have the height needed to recover and blast him back up before he hits the ground. I think I got this first try, but I'll retest tomorrow to make sure it works.
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User Info: BombermanX

4 months ago#6
I had the hardest time with this battle as well. I kept hitting the mid to upper 60's and then fail. I read the strategies online, but it didn't work for me. I saw a post in which somebody used Trinity Limit once the mushroom flies away to get the last points. It took 2 tries, but I was able to get 86 points with this method. My previous try was 84 points.
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User Info: kooler51

2 months ago#7
What finally worked for me was master form. Not sure if it helped but i used fenrir For range. Equipped berserk charge. Cure before you pull him out. Once I pulled him out i started the attack just with x and after the first few hits i held left and just kept pressing x and after a bunch of tries i got a good position where he couldnt fly too far ahead and ended with 94 hits no thunder required.

User Info: Ostrowidzki1989

1 month ago#8
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