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User Info: Neo_Ledah

5 years ago#1
Criminal Mastermind is an in-game award that upon completion, rewards you with a delicious $10.000.000 GTA Dollars.

IN ADDITION: If you haven't done the All in Order and Loyalty awards, those awards each give you $1.000.000 and can and WILL add up to your Mastermind reward, resulting in a total of $12.000.000. Those awards have two same requirements as the Criminal Mastermind award.

This award came out in version 1.21 of GTA Online, which introduced, after nearly 2 years, the so-desired Heists Jobs. These include a total of 5 Heists (as of yet, it is unknown if more will be added to the game in the future). And each of them contain a number of Heist Setups, very similar to how the Single Player Heists works. You'll need to collect a number of vehicles, eliminate certain Enemy Targets, and acquire certain files/documents required for your heists.

This challenge requires extensive concentration, co-ordination with your team mates, knowledge, and experience. It is [B]HIGHLY[/B] adviced that you complete all of the Heists at least once before attempting this challenge. Not only so that you get your own experience before attempting the challenge, but also so that you unlock two bulletproof vehicles that are almost mandatory for the challenge: The Kuruma, and the Insurgent (the normal Insurgent, [I]not[/I] the "Pickup" one).

Complete All Heists and Setups in Order:
This means that you must complete them in this order: Fleeca Job, Prison Break, Humane Labs, Series A Funding, Pacific Standard.
Complete All Heists and Setups with the Same Team:
You must complete them all with the same team of players from the beginning to the end.
Complete All Heists and Setups on Hard Difficulty:
All of the setups and finales, EVERY single one of them, must be completed in Hard Difficulty. Including the first mission where you have to drive with Lester to the Fleeca Bank.
Complete All Heists and Setups without anybody in the team dying:
If a single player dies while on the Mastermind Run, all the players will receive a pop-up message above the minimap, saying "Criminal Mastermind Challenge has been failed". So, nobody must die.

The Fleeca Job dilemma:
I get this asked a lot so I'm going to inform you now before I go into any further details.
The Fleeca job is a two-person job, but the rest of the missions are for four players.
The team has to split up in teams of two, which do the Fleeca Job together, or otherwise the Mastermind award will not count up for everyone.

I'll simplify it a little more:

Person A, B, C, D want to do the Criminal Mastermind challenge.
Person A and B do Fleeca Job together.
Person C and D do Fleeca Job together.
Person A, B, C, D do Prison Break after all that.

Alright! Now, I know not everybody comes on PS3T. I have my own socialclub crew, with people from many other forums visiting it and submitting their requests and times for a Mastermind team. I advice you to get in the crew, it's public. And if you don't want to, you can always just freely post on it and arrange runs with other people.

User Info: Neo_Ledah

5 years ago#2
Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: If I fail my mission, for example: on the Valkyrie Mission, if somebody accidentally destroys the Valkyrie Helicopter that we need to acquire, the mission fails. Will I need to restart the whole challenge from the Fleeca Job?
Answer: No. Failing missions does NOT mean the end of the challenge. Only player deaths end the challenge.

Q: Is the $10.000.000 split amongst players, or is it per player?
[B]A:[/B] It's per player. It's an award that is tied to a single player, but is depending on the co-operation of other 3 players.

Q: Can I get $10.000.000 if I do the Mastermind challenge again, after I already completed it?
A: No. It's an in-game award. As an in-game award, it can only be acquired one time per character.

Q: Is there any way to not having to restart the challenge if somebody dies?
A: There is a way, but it's too risky and not worth it. If somebody dies, all four players must pull off the power cord of the console simultaneously, IMMEDIATELY. That way, the game will fail to save the progress in time, and giving you and your team another chance.
But there's a big risk of damaging your console, or corrupting your files this way. Now, simply pushing the PS/XBox buttons and selecting "turn off console" does not cut it. The game saves the progress simply too fast for that. It would have to absolutely be pulling off the cord.
I do NOT advice doing this. Do it at your own risk.

Q: My Mastermind/Loyalty/All in Order awards are glitched! At some point when playing the heists, one of us got a connection problem and one of our award are either reset from 0/26, or are not counting up properly! Do I need to restart?
A: No. If this happens at a late point, say, the Humane Labs, it is better if your team keeps going all the way until the end of the Pacific Job. Reason being: Only the person that got a connection problem will be affected, and the rest of the team SHOULD have their awards counting up properly. It would be annoying if the team needs to restart just for one person.
After that, you all need to restart the challenge from the Fleeca Job (doing Fleeca with whosoever you did it with). The challenge will not reset from the Fleeca Job, and will instead keep counting up. After that, team up on Prison Break again, and keep going. The award will normally count up until it reaches 25/26. After that, finish the heist finale and you will get the award and money.
Also note: Even if you reach 26/26 on the award before reaching the finale, you will still need to do it. The game only rewards you with the award's money at the result screen of any heist finale.

Q: My team and I decided to pause the challenge and continue/finish it tomorrow. Can I play heists with other people in the meantime?
A: NO! If you do that, your award will be reset and you will need to restart the challenge all over from the beginning. Though, if you do play heists with other people that were not in your team, only your own award will be affected.
The original team's award will not be affected and can continue doing the challenge with you, even if your award got reset.

Q: Do I REALLY need to play on Hard Difficulty? Some of the missions are way too hard and I would like it a little easier.
A: Yes, you REALLY do. If you play a single setup/finale on any difficulty that is not Hard, your challenge will be reset.
Besides, as a fact, the difficulties do not change the enemy AI behaviors in any way. The only thing the difficulties change are the number of enemies, and the number of team lives.

User Info: Neo_Ledah

5 years ago#3
I will now dictate safety measures and precautions that you should take before you even start the challenge.

Required Rank:120, Adviced: 135:
It is important to be rank 120, so that you can use the minigun.
And it is best if you are rank 135, because then you can buy the max amount of armor, which is a total of 10
However it is very possible to do this challenge even at the lowest ranks, that is only if the low rank knows what he/she's doing, and has the full Battle Armor and Bulletproof Helmet. And, if he/she always gets the easier jobs and stays in cover.

It is adviced that at least two people have access to a headset/mics for better co-ordination. Since there are a few moments where direct spoken communications are of great advantage and can help prevent serious mistakes.

Battle Armor:
On any Clothing Store, if you go to the "Tops" clothing option, and go to the bottom, you'll see the category "Utility Vests". Buy a Heavy Utility Vest. This cloth gives you a massive defense boost, though I believe it only applies to Heist missions. I do not think it helps you on PvP.

Bulletproof Helmet:
On any Clothing Store, if you go to the "Hats" clothing option, and go to the bottom, you'll see the category "Bulletproof Helmets". Buy one. It gives you even more defense against bullet damage. Also worth nothing: If you equip this and a Battle Armor, you can even survive one of your own grenades, if you fail to throw it towards the enemy.

Save outfit:
On your own appartment, you can go to your wardrobe, and you'll see the option "Saved Outfits" if you hit Square. Be sure to save an outfit with the Heavy Utility Vest, and Bulletproof Helmet, so that you can use them at every heist.

Set up Heist Clothing:
When the host sets up a mission, he can select the Difficulty and Heist Clothing. He should always select the Heist Clothing as "Player Saved Outfits" so that the team can equip their own Outfits, which, as I have already stated, should ALWAYS include a Heavy Utility Vest, and a Bulletproof Helmet, for a massive added defense boost.

Portable Snacks/Armor:
On the freeroam stores, which you can steal (which is necessary for a trophy/achievement) you can actually buy items from the store owner. Approach him, press right on the D-Pad and you'll enter a buying menu. There are four items: P&Q (max: 30), EgoChaser (max: 15) Meteorite (max: 5), and eCola (max: 10)

Also, on any Ammu-Nation, if you buy many armor items at once, they'll stack up in your inventory. With a max of 10, but the max amount of armor that you can buy depends on your level. The max being 10, which unlocks at rank 135.

To use them: Hold Select, and the Interaction Menu will pop up on the left corner of your screen. Go to Inventory, and from there go to Snacks or body Armor. There you will see the items that you bought. You can use them for healing health, or restoring armor protection.

You can also leave this inventory menu open at all times. The only drawback is, you will sometimes have to exit the menu to select a weapon, or enter a vehicle.

There's an animation that the character does when you use any Snack. To skip this animation, you have to do any sort of action. Walking, running, aiming a gun, being in cover mode, being in a vehicle, being underwater; if you do any of these things while the inventory menu is open, and you use a snack, it will skip the eating animation and you can just spam the item in question for constant healing, making you an incredible walking tank.

User Info: Neo_Ledah

5 years ago#4
Own Kuruma (armored) and/or Insurgent:
These vehicles are very useful for proceeding safely with most of the missions in which there's armed combat. It is adviced that there's at least one person on the team with one of these cars.

Though I do not recommend the Kuruma. Despite being well protected against bullets, it will still be destroyed with a single explosion if you blow up an enemy vehicle near you, or if you blow up one of those big gas tanks near the car. The insurgent is less protected against bullets, but can withstand up to 4 - 5 explosions, like a Rhino Tank.

At the start of each heist, when you select your desired outfit, you can also select your vehicle, if you own more than one. You can select your Kuruma/Insurgent from there, if you they are not your default vehicle.

It is highly adviced that all the team enters a single one of these vehicles, if they have the assisted aiming option. They will be safe inside the car, and can take down enemies quickly without much worry of being killed. It is also adviced to use the AP Pistol, instead of the Micro-SMG. The AP Pistol has higher accuracy and Firepower, and it reloads faster than the Micro-SMG.

Do not use explosives:
On many missions, it is very easy that one person will get in the way of a team mate's line of fire, if he's firing an RPG missile, thus exploding right on his face. Using explosives should always be avoided, and only used at an emergency situation, and the utmost of needs.

Designate the Pilots and Fighters:
Even by taking all these precautions, there is always going to be somebody in your team that, despite everything, still will not be so good at piloting planes/helicopters, and taking the enemies head-on. You and your team should organize yourselves before the start of any mission, discuss mission plans, how you will go through the mission at hand, and who is the best for each role.

Infinite Cop Glitch:
This is in fact an old glitch that has been happening on contact missions since the oldest versions.
If two or more players are in the same vehicle, the cops will not stop chasing you. If this happens, find a safe spot, and the players should get out of the vehicle and run around until their minimaps stop flashing. After that they can safely get back in the vehicle and the cops will still be on "search mode".

Though, if you get seen by the police again, the Glitch might trigger again and you'll have to do the process again.

It is important to constantly check your awards. Especially after the team joins up for the Prison Break.
Go to the pause menu, go to Stats -> Awards -> Heists and check up on Criminal Mastermind. If it says 3/26 after you start the first setup of the Prison Break, then you're going the right way. If it's reset, you'll have to start over from the Fleeca Job.

It is also good to keep track of the award after every single setup and finale, but, like I said on the FAQ above, you can still keep going with the heists if you're late on the challenge, like on Series A, and fix it by keep playing the heists all over.

There's a nasty glitch where the Mastermind award gets reset after the four players join up on the Prison Break.

To prevent it, all four players should do one random heist mission together, and the game should register the team as being the same from the beginning of the challenge.

Also do not worry, it has to be a single setup/finale, you do not have to do one entire heist, just one heist mission.

User Info: Neo_Ledah

5 years ago#5
The Fleeca Job

The Scope Out:
A very simple mission. Get into Lester's blue car. You must BOTH get into Lester's car.

Do not run people over, and do not fire a gun. Doing so will most likely alert the cops, and end the mission.

After you all get to the bank, Lester will case the score, yadda yadda. Get to Lester's Garment Factory and meet Paige. DO NOT RUN HER OVER. Get to your appartment.

The Kuruma:
Select Player Saved Outfits as Heist Clothing option before starting the mission.
It is also adviced to use a Kuruma (armored) or an Insurgent. Drive to the garage, go to the roof, and take down the enemies. Do not use explosives because there are a lot of cars here, and you can destroy the required Kuruma with a chain explosion, ending the mission. If you want, both players can get into one's Kuruma/Insurgent and the player on the co-driver seat can easily dispatch the enemies with assisted aiming and AP Pistol.

After all tangos are down, both players should get into the required Kuruma. You can kill the enemies when going down to the street if you want, but it's not necessary at all. Get to the Garment Factory. Be careful on your way, enemy vehicles will spawn at all sides, trying to ram you off the street.

The Fleeca Job Finale:
IMPORTANT: Do NOT select Player Saved Outfit. There's a glitch where the game does not give you the option to wear a mask before you enter the bank, and can trigger a mission failure if you get close to the bank without wearing a mask. You can, however, manually select a mask through the inventory menu, but it may also glitch out.
As for the damage, do not worry. The Armored Kuruma is, well, armored. The enemy bullets will not hit you at all.

Go to the Garment Factory and get into the Armored Kuruma. Do not attract the cops at any point.
Go to the Fleeca Bank. On the way, the Driller will have to do the Hacking, which is basically a Snake Game. You have unlimited tries, so have fun with it. An easy way to do it is just using the D-Pad. The thumbsticks are pretty unreliable for this minigame.

The driver should wait until the Driller is done with the hacking. The Driller can tell the Driver when he's done with the hacking on a mic, but the game also tells you when the Driller is done.
After the Driller is done and they're at the Bank entrance, Driller pulls out the phone (pressing Up on the D-Pad) and select the Hack, it's the bottom right app.

Both players step in the bank, Driver destroys the cameras. Be careful to not shoot any of the hostages. DO NOT kill any of the hostages, or they will trigger an alarm, and end the mission. Keep them intimidated. Try to use a non-suppressed gun as it seems to have more effect on intimidating them.
But do not mindlessly shoot at the windows. If you intimidate the hostages TOO MUCH, they will still trigger the alert. Try to keep the intimidation bar on the middle, never going too low or too high.

The Driller should get on the back of the bank, to the vault. And here comes the hardest part of this heist.
Hold R2 all the way, and only pull the left thumbstick up mid way so that it doesn't overheat. If it starts overheating, pull it, and keep R2 held so that it cools down, and try again. Shouldn't be too hard.

After that both players get out and drive towards the bridge, then drive below the Cargobob's magnet. It might take a few seconds before the magnet pulls your car up, so just keep driving below it.

Sometimes the Cargobob doesn't spawn with the magnet. If this happens, just let the cargobob fly behind Fort Zancudo which ends the mission, and you can try again until it spawns. Mission's over!

User Info: Neo_Ledah

5 years ago#6
Prison Break

The Plane:
Put Heist Clothing as "Player Saved Outfits".
Select a designated plane pilot. He'll be taking the Velum from McKenzie airfield to LS International Airport. Be careful because he'll have to LAND it aswell. It is not so easy to actually land planes for some people.

Mission starts, everyone gets into a Kuruma/Insurgent together. Insurgent is highly adviced because there are some big gas tanks in the vicinity of the mission area, so it's easy to bump into them or shoot them in close proximity.

The enemies are not really that good at battle, but the thing is, there's a lot of them in this mission. There'll be a total of two more enemy waves after you dispose of the initial enemies. Try to stay together in your team vehicle and take down the enemies from inside, to avoid getting killed.

The Pilot can either take the plane as soon as the team dispatches the first enemy wave, or he can stay, help the team, and then take the plane to LSIA.

The Bus:
Put Player Saved Outfits.
This mission can really be simply a two-person job. Kurumas are probably better because the cops will only chase you and/or the members of your team with only 3 Wanted Stars, so they're not so hard.

Everyone gets to the Prison Bus. Team shoots the Bus driver, eliminates the convoy car and police helicopter. For the police helicopter, it'd be better and safer if the team destroys it with the minigun, but they can also use the Homing Missile, since there's not so much debris that can get in the way of your aim.

After the convoy is totaled, ONLY ONE PERSON SHOULD GET IN THE BUS.
Reason being: To avoid the Infinite Cop Glitch. Then the rest of the team should focus on distracting the cops until the designated Bus driver loses them. After the Bus loses the cops, he should tell the team either by mic or by text that he's done so, then the rest of the team loses the cops.

The mission can only be finished if the entire team have lost the cops.

User Info: Neo_Ledah

5 years ago#7
The Station:
Select Heist Clothing as "Player Saved Outfits". Be aware that only the Cargo Ship team will be able to use their Saved Outfit. The Station team is stuck with the Police Outfit.
The team will split up in two. One team has to go to the police station with a cop car, while the the other team has to "steal" Rashkovsky's car from the Cargo Ship.

Station Team: As soon as the mission starts, call 911. Open up your phone, go to contacts, press square, and type 911. Select Police.

Wait for the cops to arrive. Sometimes they get out of their car, leaving it nicely for you and your team mate to steal. Do not kill the cops, or it will trigger a 3 Wanted Star, making it harder to lose the cops.

Lose the cops. If you have the Infinite Cop Glitch, just find a safe spot, both players get out of the cop car, run around until the minimap stops flashing, then get back in and avoid the cops until they are lost.

After that, get to the police station. DO NOT ENTER THE STATION WITH A GUN IN YOUR HAND. Doing so will trigger Wanted stars, and since there are so many cops in your surroundings, you'll be shot dead in a second.

Then proceed with the mission, get in the cop car, take it to the waypoint. There'll be Jerry Cans on the side, so burn the cop car. AND STAY AWAY FROM IT. You don't want to catch fire or get near the explosion that'll kill you.

Cargo Ship team: Get to the Cargo Ship. You can shoot five enemies before you enter it, one above the stairs, one on the first floor, one on the first walkway, and two on the bottom of the stairs.

Be ready to use your snacks. One thing I like to do is, as soon as I climb the stairs, snipe all the incoming enemies on the left side of the ship, using snacks when needed, then proceeding. Get to the back of the ship.

Play Super Mario and climb and jump towards the container where the car is located. Kill nearby enemies and shoot the lock.

AT THIS POINT IT IS IMPORTANT TO: not fire a single bullet when you are inside the car. If you do, you'll trigger Wanted Stars and it seems that at this point you will always have the Infinite Cop Glitch. Just don't shoot at all and you'll be fine. Focus on using your snacks.
It is also a good idea to go off roads, on the grass and the sand. The enemies will rarely spawn, if not at all, if you do this.

Wet Work:
Select Heist Clothing as "Player Saved Outfits".
The team splits up again. One team kills the lawyers, collects documents and avoids the cops, while the other team kills the old man and his bodyguards.

City Hall team: This team should bring in Insurgent/Kuruma. Get to the checkpoint, climb the stairs and get to the vantage point. You can either play it co-ops and kill the lawyers simultaneously, or just kill them both with assault rifles.

After that get down on the ground, and get in your vehicle. Kill the cops safely from inside it, collect the package, and lose the cops. You'll probably get the Infinite Cop Glitch, so find a safe spot, run around 'till the minimap stops flashing, and lose them. Get the documents to the Planning Room.

Mansion team: This is a good practice for the two other stealth missions later on. You can either play it stealth, or play it dumb. The enemies on this mission only use pistols so if you get caught, don't worry so much. Just as long as you kill the old man, the mission will not end.

If you played Metal Gear Solid games, you'll know how this goes. You can see the enemies' cone of vision on the minimap, so avoid them and kill them with a suppresed pistol, or any other suppresed weapon, and move on to the next target. If they see you but if you are quick enough to take them down, they might not get alerted.

User Info: Neo_Ledah

5 years ago#8
Prison Break Finale:
You cannot select Player Saved Outfits this time.
The pilot should take his/her time before taking the plane. There's no rush.
When the enemy jets start coming at you, just stay behind it and he can't do a single thing to you. The enemy AI Jet on this mission is extremely dumb.

Demolitions gets the bus, and make sure you follow the GPS direction until the airstrip. Take it down and go get the buzzard. There's only one merryweather sentry there so pop him.

Now, there's no reason for the demolitions to destroy the enemy jets, because they infinitely spawn, and they can't do anything to the pilot if he/she stays behind it.

The Demolitions can, if he wants and is skilled enough, give air support to the Prisoner and Prison Officer. But he/she should be careful, because if he gets too close to the Prison, he'll start getting shot down by enemy missiles. These are not homing missiles, so they can fortunately be easily avoided.

The Demolitions should also absolutely avoid Fort Zancudo. If he gets too close, he'll get shot down by enemy jets, and these are homing missiles. They are extremely hard to avoid.

Now, the Prisoner and Prisoner Officer. The Prisoner starts only with an AP Pistol, but, before going towards the bus, he can stop by ammu-nation and buy a gun and ammo. He/she'll have to pay the full price for the weapon, but any add-ons previously purchased will be free. He'll still have to buy more ammo though.

After they get to the Prison, they can either walk their way to the checkpoint, but be wary because the sentry posted near the stairs will shoot at you when he turns around. Kill him and the first two enemies from behind you. There's also sentry on the walk way above you, so take him down.

They climb the stairs. There'll be an enemy on the rooftop to the left, so destroy him. The Prison Officer can snipe down two enemies from the building directly across. Be careful of the enemy on the tower to the right. Kill all the enemies on the ground, and get to Rashkovsky.

Now, there'll be enemies coming from the right, left, and behind the fences. These have armor, so they'll be harder to take down if they are not shot in the head.

After you proceed, you should see an armor before you enter the area with the two Prison Buses. Pick it up if you need it. You can shoot the Gas Tank to the right of the Buses. It'll push the first Bus to the left, so you can use it as a nice cover. Beat the enemies and move.

There's another armor, and a health kit to the left, so take em if needed.
At this point there's a lot of enemies, and it is the hardest part of the mission. Take them down. There'll also be enemies from the rooftops, so take care. After they're all down. take Rashkovsky and get into the Noose Truck. Be careful because there's always two enemies outside the prison ready to shoot you.

Pilot should land on the airstrip now, while demolitions covers the ground team from any pursuing police cars, and police choppers.

BEFORE THE GROUND TEAM GETS IN THE PLANE: They should both get out of the truck and run around until the minimap stops flashing, then get in the plane. This prevents Infinite Cop Glitch. If for some reason when the team starts losing the cops, but gets spotted by a chopper later on, there's a high chance that the Infinite Cop Glitch will trigger anyway. If so, just fly around for an indefinite amount of time until you finally lose them.

Then proceed with the mission. Get to the jump spot, and parachute onto the beach. BE CAREFUL not to land on the helicopter's rotor blades or you'll die upon contact. The Helicopter should also take care not to land on any of the team mates.

Get to the choppa. Demolitions flies to the city and mission ends

User Info: Neo_Ledah

5 years ago#9
The Humane Labs Raid

Key Cards:
Put Player Saved Outfits.
Team gets to the checkpoint, gets in position and waits. Sadly, after the cutscene is over, all of your personal vehicles will de-spawn and you can't use them.

Dispatch the enemies. Try not to use explosives as there are a lot of cars here and it's easy to chain-explode them all.

The lookout (north) should get down and get in cover on the north alleyway.
The lookout (south) can stay where he/she is and kill the enemies coming from the right side of the street.

One of the other people should get in cover on the alleyway to the right, and the other one can get in cover with a nearby car, stopping enemies coming from the left side of the street, to the front.

After that, simple, get the key cards, pick a car and go to the planning room. He/she should be accompanied by someone because there can be up to 4 enemy cars chasing you.

Put Player Saved Outfits.
Everyone gets into one of your Kuruma/Insurgents (Insurgent preferred), goes to the mission area and kills all the enemies.

As soon as you get into one of the required Insurgents, enemy choppers will spawn. These choppers are deadly because they use their machinegun cannons. Two people should get into the Insurgent with the Turret, and before proceeding, should take them down as quickly as possible.

Simple after that, go to the waypoint. Don't bother so much destroying the enemy vehicles because they infinitely spawn. It is only after you are near the waypoint that the game orders you to Kill all Merryweather enemies, so do that and get the Insurgents to the waypoint.

Collect EMP:
Player Saved Outfits.
Get to the Dinghy, and to the aircraft carrier. As soon as you start engaging the enemies, mind the ones that come from the walkways to the left and right, as they can catch you offguard.

Do not use explosives. There are placed missiles that make a huge explosion if explosives are used, easily killing you if you are near.

Get to the back and climb the stairs to the right. Follow the walkway, and take care because an enemy will spawn from inside the room in which you have to go, and he's deadly because he's got a shotgun. Proceed, two more enemies inside. Get out and be careful because there's enemies everywhere.

Get the Hydra, and Lazer jets, and this is where the fun begins. The enemy Jets' AIs are as dumb as the ones in the Prison Break finale. As long as you stay behind them, they can't do anything to you.

THE MOST IMPORTANT THING AT THIS PART: Stay away from your team mates as much as possible. To avoid friendly collision.

Player Saved Outfits.
Team gets into an Insurgent/Kuruma.
Before you enter the base, kill the first two enemies at the entrance, and go on the train tracks to the left. There'll be an enemy buzzard that shoots missiles, which is deadly. Take it down as soon as you can, with miniguns or homing missiles.

Get to the valkyrie. you can either sprint ahead with the Insurgent/Kuruma and not worry about enemy fire, or you can kill every enemy as you go. Up to you. Kill the enemies in the back, and everyone into the Valkyrie.

The trick to properly flying the Valkyrie is to have the nose of the chopper facing at the enemy chopper, and above it, so that both miniguns and also co-pilot will have a clear shot.

DO NOT LET THE ENEMY CHOPPERS CRASH INTO YOU. The Valkyrie is strong against missiles, but will still be one shotted if it crashes into enemy choppers or buildings.

User Info: Neo_Ledah

5 years ago#10
Deliver EMP:
It is not necessary to use Player Saved Outfits.
Get to the required Insurgent, and to the Humane Labs. After that, the only real co-ops are the first two guards. One in the back walking, and one posted at the entrance, smoking. Take em down, then proceed.

To make it faster, one person should stay inside the Insurgent and drive it to the left of the lab where there's no enemies, and be ready to bring it to the back.

After you get inside, there'll be one sentry at the top of the stairs. You can safely take him down.

Wait for the truck to get close to the entrance, then take the driver out where no other enemy will be able to see him.

You can safely use a suppressed assault rifle to quickly take down the two enemies fixing the truck, and the two scientists to the right.

There's one sentry on the middle of the way, to the right. You can safely take him down.

Go up the stairs where you killed the first sentry. Keep going towards the walkway, and you can kill the two scientists hiding on the walkway to the left. Keep going, and, to the left, there's one walking sentry on the walkways on higher floors. Take him.

Kill the scientist and soldier at the back. Insurgent can get here now.
Start the hacking. Now, there's a Humane Labs truck to the right. You can all use it to get out of the area quickly.


Kept you waiting huh? Now that brings some nice Metal Gear Solid vibe to the game.

The Humane Labs Finale:
Player Saved Outfits.
Get to the Valkyrie. Proceed with the mission, and go high above the Humane Labs. Ground team parachutes and destroys the panel to the left of the metal door.

Now, the Valkyrie team has multiple options. They can either take down the ground enemies and choppers, or they can play it smart: The Gunner parachutes into the rooftops and takes down any enemy choppers with a minigun/homing missiles.

It is NOT necessary to kill the ground enemies, since they in fact do not pose any threat to the ground team.

The Valkyrie pilot can sit the chopper down on a hill and relax while the gunner takes care of him.

Ground Team: Proceed with the mission. Take any enemies, get to the labs and, BEFORE PRESSING RIGHT ON THE D-PAD AT THE ELEVATOR, WAIT 5-10 SECONDS.
Otherwise you might get glitched and the enemies will not spawn when you go down. This forbids the game from letting you equip your rebreathers when you get to the cooling vent.

If the game glitched, it's okay. the team can still swim through the vents, and before their health drains, they can still open the inventory menu and use Snacks for healing. The health does not get drained too quickly. Though be mindful, because since you have to press X to swim, you'll have to close the Snack window before keep on swimming, otherwise you'll end up wasting all your snacks.

Get to the beach on the right.

Pilot and Gunner re-join if they separated, and picks up the ground team on the beach. BE CAREFUL OF THE ROTOR BLADES. After that take down enemy choppers, making SURE they do not crash into the Valkyrie, and go meet Karen.

Why do I care if Karen likes me or not? Mission ends.
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