What's in your garage (once again)?

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User Info: Walking_my_cat

4 years ago#1
Taste changes so quickly and with so many cars around it's hard to not try something new. So, what has changed in your garage recently? I'm now very happy with my latest collection.

1. Truffade Z-Type (Midnight Blue (Metallic) and Chrome)
2. Albany Roosevelt (Midnight Blue and Candy Red (both Metallic))
3. Grotti Stinger (open roof) (Metallic Wine Red)
4. Dinka Jester (Metallic Midnight Blue and Chrome) >>> replaced my Albany Manana
5. Clean Karin Rebel (Metallic Midnight Purple and Metallic Sunrise Orange) >>> replaced my Declasse Tornado
6. Clean Bravado Duneloader (Metallic Diamond Blue and Metallic Torino Red) >>> replaced my Pegassi Monroe (that hurt a bit)
7. BF Injection (Light tone Metal and Lava Red) >>> replaced my Ubermacht Sentinel convertible
8. Grotti Turismo (Metallic Diamond Blue and Metallic Sunrise Orange) >>> replaced my Karin Intruder
9. Vapid Stanier (Matte Black) >>> replaced my Obey Tailgater
10. Principe Nemesis (Metallic Ice White)
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User Info: CTLM

4 years ago#2
BF Injection
Grotti Turismo R
Overflod Entity XF
Obey Tailgater
Pfister Comet
Vapid Sandking XL
Truffade Adder
Dinka Jester
Dewbauchee Exemplar
Dewbauchee Rapid GT

User Info: digUbetterdead

4 years ago#3
first row
adder - metallic dark blue primary, brushed aluminum secondary, carbon inferno rims
jester - metallic galaxy blue w/diamond blue pearlescent primary, black secondary, black rims (similar to the stock rims), no body mods
ruiner - frost (i believe its frost...the pure white) white primary, matte black secondary, carbon hood/black rims
akuma - metallic frost white w/yellow pearlescent primary, metallic gold secondary, black rims (goes very well with the black/white/gold helmet)
sanchez - patriotic livery

second row
turismo - frost white primary, matte black secondary, purple rims (the ones used on the habanero)
banshee - metallic dark blue primary, frost white secondary, black rims (some sort of 5 spoke sports rims)
felon gt - stock, to be sold in the future
z-type - metallic dark red (the second darkest, right above wine red) w/pfister pink pearlescent primary, black secondary, black rims (similar to the stock rims)
primo - frost white w/yellow pearlescent primary, pfister pink secondary, straw tan (whatever its called.. sort of a pale gold) sports rims
You're no daisy.

User Info: ChumpNorris

4 years ago#4
A guy in the corner that keeps shooting at me.
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User Info: digUbetterdead

4 years ago#5

You're no daisy.

User Info: Tom_KBA

4 years ago#6
Feltzer - Metallic red >>> this may be replaced soon

Carbonizzarre - Metallic red >>> may be replaced soon

Exemplar - Metallic black >>> replaced Franklins Buffalo

Alpha - graphite and red >>> replaced bifta

Monroe - metallic red

Elegy RH8 - metallic blue

Jester - metallic blue and orange >>> replaced gauntlet

Turismo - metallic red and black >>> replaced bullet

Entity - lime green and black

>>> empty slot <<<

User Info: ajbrand

4 years ago#7
Super - Entity
Sport - Elegy & Jester
Sport Classic - Roosevelt & Z-Type
Muscle - Dominator & Ruiner
Coupe - Exemplar
Sedan - Tailgater
Compact - Blista

No motorcycle or off-road because the stock Bati and stock Sanchez can still win races easily in those classes. No SUV just because nobody races them.
PSN: ARC_Rounder --- Crew: Apex Stalkers
Race CLEAN, Race FAST. Respect your rivals!

User Info: sekazi

4 years ago#8
My Garage - http://prod.cloud.rockstargames.com/ugc/gta5photo/2152/E6Mp65j0TUi0wlP7BMJZ6Q/0_0.jpg

Merryweather Mesa - http://prod.cloud.rockstargames.com/ugc/gta5photo/7159/DgbuPn-Q50O-0zhpmBcU3g/0_0.jpg
Roosevelt - http://prod.cloud.rockstargames.com/ugc/gta5photo/2453/_nH27zzUsUS1I3qKxhe7rw/0_0.jpg
Double-T - http://prod.cloud.rockstargames.com/ugc/gta5photo/4562/HVpZz02S3kOTRXPXEouXaA/0_0.jpg
Blista Compact - http://prod.cloud.rockstargames.com/ugc/gta5photo/0523/IZrrBt0xK06DyF7w35SMVA/0_0.jpg
Voltic - http://prod.cloud.rockstargames.com/ugc/gta5photo/4286/-7QK1Vv51UOsLLSxbo-MPQ/0_0.jpg
Felon GT - http://prod.cloud.rockstargames.com/ugc/gta5photo/2012/CnJUjTTEAEamRI6ivfSnng/0_0.jpg
Turismo R - http://prod.cloud.rockstargames.com/ugc/gta5photo/1019/Anref3bQ9kCl877JQwK-pA/0_0.jpg
Sentinel XS - http://prod.cloud.rockstargames.com/ugc/gta5photo/2184/VOaXX8FKIk2xw4wfbXJFsQ/0_0.jpg
Jester - http://prod.cloud.rockstargames.com/ugc/gta5photo/8509/VNivo3V9dESbncI1-SzQoA/0_0.jpg
Sentinel - http://prod.cloud.rockstargames.com/ugc/gta5photo/1043/ymBsdEzD1kOWfhj1vvx5qw/0_0.jpg

User Info: Swiftshark

4 years ago#9
All fully upgraded

Vacca (black w purple rims)
Entity (metallic orange w pearlescent)
Turismo (Frost White w reddish secondary)
Roosevelt (all white w stock rims)
Mercenary Messa (brownish/orangish behemoth)
Sultan RS (blackish/dark grey w red interior)
Bifta (purple/yellow)
Peyote hardtop (dark dark green)
Bati 801 (chrome)
Akuma (red/yellow)

User Info: ash274

4 years ago#10

For the lazy or link-phobic:
Tornado (Clean, convertible)
Bobcat XL (grill-guard, camper shell)
{Empty Space or Baller to sell later}
BF Surfer (Clean, Surfboard)
-Ash (PSN: ash-274)
Atari 2600, 2x NES (Powerpad & Zapper), SNES, N64, 2x GB (6volt), GBC, GBA, PS2, PS3 (160GB), Wii, iPhone4, iPad1
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