First time you ran into a player online

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User Info: SoCalPatriotFan

4 years ago#51
First time I ran into a player he tried to shoot me. I stood there, and he gunned me down.

It was only us on the server, so I went back to him, walked up to him, and he pulled his gun again and starting shooting, so I head shot him.

Then proceeded to do it 5 more times until he logged off.

User Info: DivineHorse

4 years ago#52
I was a lonely pedestrian right after escaping from the cops (left my car to avoid them), then someone turned me into roadkill out of nowhere. Felt a lot like those NPCs that you just run over when they're in the way.

User Info: korn666rule

4 years ago#53
Good stuff guys

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User Info: ace_two_max

4 years ago#54
As I was walking towards my car and player tried to Drive-by me I got behind cover of my car and as he turned to ram my car I popped up and shot him in the face, his dead character then turn the vehicle away from me and crashed.
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User Info: zeldasho

4 years ago#55
I was robbing a store and look over and see a guy standing there eating a energy bar, we both start shooting each other and realize that apparently since we were both in the store we couldn't hurt each other, then ended up outrunning a 4 star alert together. I gave him a part of the money and we parted ways.
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User Info: Aarkshark

4 years ago#56
We did the tutorial drug stealing mission. He ran over several guys, I rolled out and shot the rest of them while he drove after the runner. He smushed him, I caught up, and we beat the mission.

...Immediately afterwards, he tried to beat me to death, so I sprinted away, pulled out my pistol, and locked on to him. He ran into one of the garages to pull out his own gun, but I stepped around the corner and shot him in the face, took his money, and drove off in the car to an alleyway where I deposited the cash through my phone. I saw him again later at a clothing store, where I flipped him off then booked it out of the store and stole his car.
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User Info: Chipmunk_Sniper

4 years ago#57
Just had my first /real/ encounter besides the bug of joining people with the 1st tutorial race, I got into a online session and played 1 set of Tennis and invited anyone/everyone in the session, this guy joined but he sucked, really bad. I'm not saying I'm good at it by any means, but even the easy NPCs offline did better, maybe he had never played tennis though.
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User Info: Painesnewname

4 years ago#58
My INITIAL experience was great.
Started the game with 3 other randoms we did the drug deal. On the way to get new clothes one guy dove out of the car so we went bAck to pick him up and he started shooting at us. The driver did the right thing by running him over, lol.

We got new clothes and then decided to not go to the body shop. And rob some liquor stores.

Held up the store and my slow self took forever while the other two were outside honking like crazy....
I ran out there and cops were everywhere shooting so I jump in te back seat of of the car ready for an awesome high speed chase!

And the drivers head hits the steering wheel.....

The other guy ran out of the car and died halfway out the door.
Me being a puss I just sat in the car panicking and died. It was kind of epic. We didn't even leave the liquor store.

We then kept going and being a passenger is fun because cinematic camera is actually useable now!
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