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I played the first Rebirth game about a year ago, so here I am, back with the sequel. Playing on Steam version again.

The sequel feels a little easier than the first game. I think there are two reasons for that. First off, I seem to be levelling at a more brisk pace. I was able to get the Super EXP Up plan crafted and toggled on extremely quick (I think after the first dungeon? Since all it requires is Dogoo Jelly), while I think the EXP up plan in the first game was a little more involved process that I couldn't get it until later (EDIT: Oh way, Super EXP Up is part of a DLC package. Was there not one from the first game's DLC?). The second reason is that the battle system is basically a straight one-to-one carryover from the previous game. Since I am aware of all the little extra things that help add up damage and firepower, I can more easily blow through the early game when all that extra damage makes things move much more quickly.

What is nice is that I am in that little happy spot for grinding. I don't have to do very much grinding, and what little I do grind, the UI moves quickly and intuitively enough that I never get frustrated.

I just finished Chapter 2, with about 8 hours of game time. It took me a little bit before I realised that the story is more of a soft reboot of the first game using the same characters and setting, rather than a direct sequel. Nepgear is...kind of boring? She's not dislikable, but she doesn't have character progression, and simply doesn't have the kind of chirpy, self-referential humour to carry a conversation the way that Neptune does.

Also in relation to the first game, I feel like there's more dungeons being thrown my way than the first game. Not that it really means much on the part of the developers, since just about every dungeon uses a stock background and setting and just changes up the floor area a little bit. But it does feel like I'm moving to different dungeons more frequently. I cannot remember what the EXE Drive was like in the first game, however. Did it reset every time you left a dungeon? I don't think it did, but I could be wrong. It is a little bit of a chore having to rebuild my EXE drive every time I go to a new dungeon, just to be able to get the EXE attacks again at the end of each combination.
"The great Buddha once said there are three thousand chiliocosms of worlds. Surely in one of them we will all meet again someday."
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rklemic 3 months ago#2
The reason the game feels like it was a soft reboot is because IT WAS. The original Hyperdimension Neptunia on PS3, which was the story base for Rebirth 1, had a concrete True Ending which left no room for a sequel with that iteration of the characters. They had to reboot the series with MK2 which is when they added in the Candidates. Mk2/RB2, Victory/RB3 and Victory II are the mainline story for the series, with the upcoming Sisters vs Sisters that comes out in Japan later this year REALLY looks like it might be the next mainline. Rebirth 2 story wise is nearly the same as MK2 with an additional ending. Rebirth 3 is story wise identical to Victory's story with a replacement for the most annoying mechanism from Victory (the Scout System) being replaced with a better version of Stella's Dungeon than the RB2 version.

The reason that the dungeons all look the same is that all 3 Rebirth games were made using the engine from Victory as the base.

On your EXE drive thing, yes it does reset every new dungeon. Just wait until you get the fast EXE gauge plan. That makes it much easier to get EXE. Also, use Rush attacks.
Space Medafighter X 3 months ago#3
Finished up to chapter 5. The last 3 chapters passed much quicker than the first 2, especially chapter 4, which I think was a single dungeon run to the Gamindusti Graveyard. Not a whole lot to comment on that. Late in chapter 5, I started chipping away at getting dungeon change plans and add enemies plans completed. The last boss battle in chapter 5 drops a Flash Chip, which is required for I think the Severed Dungeon Add Enemies, which after a few chains of enemy drops and dungeon plans, allows me to get the Limit Breaker plan unlocked. When I do the inevitable NG+, it'll make it a lot easier to mop the floors with some bosses.

Let's see, what else. Without doing the dungeon change plans, I was getting surprisingly few modules for my chip items. Now that I'm doing runs again on dungeon upgrades for more monster drops, now I'm finally getting Level 3s, Level 4s, and Level 5s. I'm not entirely happy that a moderate amount of content is either locked away or just more easily gotten by doing the Stella's Dungeon runs. Fortunately, the one DLC helps keep the frustration down, since I don't lose any items by having the DLC plan. I just don't 'complete' a dungeon sometimes, and of course they all need to be cleared for an Achievement.
"The great Buddha once said there are three thousand chiliocosms of worlds. Surely in one of them we will all meet again someday."
Space Medafighter X 3 months ago#4
Finished the game on Normal end. It was a little more lacklustre of an ending than the first game, but it's still fun. I made the comment when I played the first game that it was surprisingly less ecchi than I was given the impression of from the outside, and the second game is the same. Certainly, there are a few perverted moments, but they're spread out (plus, the characters make fun of some of the fanservice scenes). Oh yeah. Voice acting is still really good (using English voices).

I did some research after clearing the game, since I expected the same NG+ set-up as Rebirth;1, and...huh. 9 endings. I'll probably just try to save in Chapter 5 and do a few endings before doing the True Ending, then do a third run off the True ending. I need enough MB to activate plans, especially getting the Oracles, who I assume are going to be 1028MB like the CPU candiates were in Rebirth;1. Not looking forward to the convoluted running around to get items to active plans, though.
"The great Buddha once said there are three thousand chiliocosms of worlds. Surely in one of them we will all meet again someday."
Space Medafighter X 3 months ago#5
Getting through the endings.

I did the Conquest Ending first, and...what an absurdly dark ending, ha. I was not expecting something like that in what have been two lighthearted games so far, and it really is a big genre shift. I guess I'm sort-of happy that the story writers committed to the direction of the ending, instead of making a weird mess by trying to downplay the Conquest ending with lots of self-referential humour and meta. I do get what the ending is a metaphor for, at least. A lot of the English voice actresses absolutely kill it with how good their acting is in parts here.

After that, I did the Holy Sword ending. That took me a few hours, even with the Lili Dungeon and Discs set-up. By this point, I got bored of battles, so using Destroy Symbols/Symbol Gains too. Definitely a happier ending, looks like it was mashed together using parts of the Conquest Ending and parts of the True Ending, with only a very few minor bits of its own, so it doesn't really feel too satisfactory as its own ending.

So after those two, I got the True Ending, which has a few new dungeons over the Holy Sword ending but not too much else that was new. I saved after the ending here, so I'll do a third cycle to get myself some more MB.

On the way, I did some fighting in the Colosseum. There are some of the Colosseum fights that I haven't unlocked yet, because there are item drops that I can't get yet, due to being locked behind hidden dungeons that I have to check specific Chirper messages in Chapter 2 to get Dungeon Changes to get the right items to unlock parts of previous dungeons. For the same reason, I barely get to play with some of the character costumes I like, because they're about the last thing I'm able to create.
"The great Buddha once said there are three thousand chiliocosms of worlds. Surely in one of them we will all meet again someday."
Space Medafighter X 3 months ago#6
On my third cycle, I got up to the end of chapter 6, and basically went through the Shares system multiple times to get each of the remaining endings (Human, Lowee, Lastation, Leanbox, Planeptune). It's annoying that the CGs don't carry over unless you specifically save and restart a new game off each ending, but whatever. I'm not that much of a completionist. From there, I went through to the True Ending route again so I could get chapter 7 dungeons. I have up to Sublie Marsh unlocked now, so I can make whatever plans I want now.

I did unlock all the Colosseum fights, and did basically everything up to Level 699. That includes Delphinus, which for whatever reason I guess is deserving of its own Achievement, probably since it's the last of the 99s (and anything above 99 requires DLC).

After that, the only Steam Achievement I have left is the one to complete all of Stella's Dungeons, and the 'get all other achievements' Achievement with it. Since Stella's Dungeons are run based on real-time, I'll basically have to pop into the game a couple of times a day for maybe the next week before I get that.

The one annoying thing I've found common to the first two REBIRTH games is that all the cute costumes and stuff I can only get after basically doing all the content, and some of the secret dungeons require a NG+ and having to do extra NG+ if you aren't extremely careful with checking textbox events on the overworld at specific times in your first NG+.

I'll very likely play REBIRTH;3, but it'll be six months to a year down the line. I can only tolerate hyperweebism in moderate doses spaced apart.
"The great Buddha once said there are three thousand chiliocosms of worlds. Surely in one of them we will all meet again someday."
chuckie_um 3 months ago#7
That's fair.

If you want to cheat a bit, you can alter system time to speed through Stella's dungeon clears since that's what it checks to see if you've spent enough time to clear an area or not. Conquest is honestly rather divisive because the devs actually stuck to it in its entirety and that, combined with Nepgear being so different as a main character from Neptune is a large part of why RB;2/Mk 2 is seen the way it is compared to the rest of the series.

It's a good choice to pace yourself, though. Being overwhelmed by too much of something at once would cause an overall worse impression than going in fresh.
Space Medafighter X 3 months ago#8
I actually got the Stella dungeons achievement the same day you posted about that, on the 29th. So 15 days seems like a good timeline to get all the dungeons cleared, assuming you have the DLC so you never lose equipment or drops.

re:Conquest ending. Like I said, I'm actually glad they stuck to it. I would have been weirded out if the girls all kept throwing jokes and humorous asides and meta-comments even as they were getting skewered one-by-one.
"The great Buddha once said there are three thousand chiliocosms of worlds. Surely in one of them we will all meet again someday."
chuckie_um 3 months ago#9
Yeah. It's a bit of a divisive topic for the fandom. Well, the fact it exists in and of itself, anyways. Some feel that it's too different from the general tone of the franchise and hate it with a passion. Others defend it as an interesting addition that got played properly to its logical conclusion. I agree with you on being glad they played it straight instead of completely killing the tone as they went through with it.

One other big perk to Stella's dungeon is that it was a way to gain (some) materials before you would otherwise have access to them. So it let you get ahead of the curve a bit when it came to a few plans and the like which can be handy at times if you know what you're after. This is something that will remain true for RB;3 even though some of the mechanics (not all, just some) of Stella's Dungeon are going to change a little.
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