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Nine_Tails137 2 years ago#1
So, I know there's a guide for Lv. 99 Colosseum fights for Re:Birth 1, but I can't find anything for Re:Birth 2, and I'm struggling to win these fights, since the enemy always gets to attack first, and more often than not, one-shots 2 or more members of my party!

Do I need the Level Cap DLC to beat these missions? Or is it possible to win without them?
My current Party is:
Blanc, Neptune, 5pb., and Uni. All at Level 99, has their current strongest weapon equipped, the Goddess Bangle, and Final Fantasy disc equipped. As well as being partnered with characters that reduce cool down time.

I was able to win a few of these battles, but that was mostly due to the Enemy being too far away to hit me, and spamming moves that delay the Enemy's turn.
Yet some enemies can hit me from far away without moving. More specifically, the CFW Brave variants.
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