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User Info: RedRover104

2 years ago#1

pretty sure most if not all of you have seen the gameplay But I wanted to hear your guys opinions on the gameplay.

what did you like?
what did you dislike?
what would you like to see more off in the next gameplay?
any changes you think are a step forward or a step back for the vs series?
any hopes for the future of the game?

I want to see more gameplay period but I really want to see how transformations work in GVS. in exvs imo some MA modes are great and work well, others not so much. So to see how they work in the new system of GVS would be really cool with that free fall.

User Info: ZetaC1

2 years ago#2
>what did you like
the whole new core gameplay system. I think it looks really good and imo only can get better since its alpha. I also like the redone cost system as well. getting rid of the 1k/1.5k cost is a good move, never cared for the 1k cost and I'm glad its gone. but I'm glad there is still a "1k" cost though with the 200 cost and I'm curious on how it will work

>what did you dislike
reused character movesets/melee. I know its alpha so it will most likely change but that was kinda sucky I know they had to show off RX78 cause its a staple but they really should have shown Guncannon POV gameplay cause that'd been interesting cause it'd be all new. also not a big fan of the graphics and the weird color changes that happen in EX burst (the whole glowing gold/blue thing). but like i already said its alpha.

>like to see in next gameplay.
more units and longer gameplay. I also really want to see The O. Main reason he is a great unit to show off main zeta villain and good unit to show since he is a fast paced melee unit with lots of assists in EXVS, seeing him will give us a good heads up on how they'll handle the assist heavy units from exvs to gvs.

>step forward or step back
so far all the new gameplay additions sound like step forwards imo. but I'm not a fan of a roster reset but what can you do?

I'm more afraid of DLC/Season passes. you know map pack dlc, unit dlc, 200 cost dlc, etc. they can go full on crazy mode with DLC for this game if they want to.
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User Info: gamestop27

2 years ago#3
Looks like s***
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User Info: OMGItzNig

2 years ago#4
gamestop27 posted...
Looks like s***

just like you

oh shiiiiiiiiiit
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User Info: ShotgunSamurai

2 years ago#5
ZetaC1 posted...
I'm more afraid of DLC/Season passes

everyone and their mother can become DLC for all I care, its not like I'm going to buy them all. heck they can even do clones (long as it isn't crap tier by making them worse than originals) but Map packs, that would drive me up the wall. could separate the player base some what. I know many games have this problem
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User Info: Goraishi

2 years ago#6
I seriously doubt map packs would sell. I mean 90%+ of FB games are on Side 7. This isn't an fps.

User Info: ShotgunSamurai

2 years ago#7
I doubt gvs would get map packs too but who knows
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User Info: Killarock404

2 years ago#8
I actually like the gameplay and the fact it's pretty much the same to the EXVS series. I'm not too crazy about the graphics though. I think the EXVS style of graphics was better since it wasn't trying to be realistic. But who knows, it can grow on me.

I want to know more about the assist system.

User Info: Furryyiffer

2 years ago#9
Goraishi posted...
I seriously doubt map packs would sell. I mean 90%+ of FB games are on Side 7. This isn't an fps.

Yeah I really can't see map packs being a thing for this game. And even if they happen due to the nature of online being a big part of the game making them paid would do nothing but split the community.
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User Info: injuredpelican

2 years ago#10
Why is Side 7 so popular? Is it really seen as most balanced map? I guess then more maps should be made with a similar layout but different aesthetic? would reduce some of the monotony, right?

Speaking of stages, I really liked the one they showed in the video. Pretty cool pulling from the surprisingly memorable opening scene from 0083.

I actually like the graphics. I like how fast everything is without lots of crazy effects going on. The HUD seems pretty clean too.
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