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User Info: melvynmelster

1 year ago#1
I am trying for platinum for earth defense force 4.1 and I am not normally a grinder gamer by nature for example I look at God of war (norse) and KH3 and remembering all that collecting gives me heartburn but this game EDF 4.1 I have strangely stuck with this and still loving it. I am 128 hrs in and I have weapons lv 45-50 I have completed all normal 89 missions for all 4 classes plus hard for ranger and wing diver but for some reason now when I do missions I just seem keep dieing and getting "sloppy", I already brought dlc missions and done a few of them but now I just wonna rack up the completed mission's... Thankfully I have my older brother that's been helping me at 2p but we can't always play together due to working times.

Ranger Armor: 4550
Hardest 23% complete and inferno 7% complete

Winger diver: 1534
Hardest 10% complete and inferno 5% Complete

Air raider: 1624
Hard 69% complete and H-est 6% complete and inferno 3% complete

Fencer: 1794
Hard 55% complete H-est 12% complete and inferno 6% complete.

Just wanted get advice on what should do, I just thought about keep using ranger and rack up his armor points to use for rest of game but that won't help much when I'm doing inferno missions with 1 player 10 seconds later dies and I start to feel swamped and overwhelmed. I also brought dlc weapons there now useless on harder missions. It blows my mind and I love it haha. I have been using a dummy 2p controller

User Info: Krobelus

1 year ago#2
time, have lots of it
The only equal to myself, is myself

User Info: PublicAnimal9

1 year ago#3
To stand any chance at the later Inferno levels, you will likely need at least 15K armor on your main character. And that is for two players. To clear Inferno solo with each class (without using a second controller) will require more armor than any sane person is ever willing to farm.

Although Fencer is probably the most powerful character, I recommend using Wing Diver as your main character. She is fast and easy to control and she has the most powerful weapons. She is also the only character that can reload one weapon while firing another. And she can fly. She does gain armor at a slower rate than the other characters though.

You can rubber band farm silver spiders on DLC 1 Mission 17 Shifting Mountain (stand in the middle of the nest and aim up). With two controllers it will net you roughly 400 armor for Wing Diver per hour. You will however need to finsih the level and restart once every hour.

DLC 1 Mission 21 Golden Darkness on Inferno is the best mission for high level weapon farming. Use Wing Diver and equip your best Idunn weapon in both weapon slots. You will want to prioritize farming the following weapons for Wing Diver: Idunn-FF, Monster S, Gungnir, Mirage 15WR.

You have a long way to go. But with a second player you'll also have a lot of fun getting there.
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