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User Info: Zakat82

1 year ago#1
If I complete the game on Inferno with a certain class do I get all the trophies for that class or do you need to compete the game with say Ranger on all difficulties for each trophy?

Also, can you get these trophies if you play in couch coop?

A friend and I recently cleared the campaign on Hard me as a Air raider and him as a Wing diver and no Trophies popped up.
PsN: Katakato

User Info: Tiljack

1 year ago#2
Trophies don't stack, so you have to finish each difficulty individually, with each character, so basically every stage 16 times minimum if you're getting all the completion trophies for all classes (there's no trophies for Easy, just Normal to Inferno). I'm not 100% sure about the co-op thing, but you can get the trophies both online and off, and offline enemies have fewer hitpoints so it's a bit easier. Co-op seems to check off both classes when you finish a new stage/difficulty but I'm not sure whether it ever glitches trophies that way (I did get a trophy glitch for the Wing Diver armor one not popping and had to re-grind that from earlier - Playstation Plus cloud saves saved a lot of time). Every single stage has to have been done by that type of character on that difficulty, if you missed one you can just check in Stage Select.
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