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User Info: captainkirk1

1 year ago#1
I've been away from the series for a while, played EDF 2 on the vita last. Since purchasing a PS4, after buying a few major titles, I suddenly remembered EDF!
I can get this for the PS4 and at a great price.
So I did. Game is great!
Can anyone advise where to farm for Thunerbow XD? Offline done most missions up to hardest, and those earlier missions on Inferno due to farming.
(some later missions on Inferno also)

Misson 75 Death Queen dropped rapier thrust 82lvl and other high lvl weapons.
Can I get Thunderbow XD here? Been farming it for ages. Also how does the percentage complete work with online play? Im not used to that addition to the franchise.

Thanks advanced
Well WTF you waiting 4 Scottie
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User Info: wildman86

1 year ago#2
Welcome back to the grind!

I prefer farming the underground mission in the DLC mission pack. It's way faster and easier than anything else and you can get EVERY weapon in the game there. Totally worth the DLC expense.

I believe the percentage of completion for missions takes into account EITHER offline OR online completion but not both. I usually wind up grinding levels offline with a dummy player on controller 2 just so I can bust out the missions 2 at a time. (As a bonus, the dummy character gets credit for all armor upgrades you pick up so that grows faster, too!)

User Info: captainkirk1

1 year ago#3
Hi, I know all that info already just really want Thunder Bow XD. Thank you anyway didn't expect any answers at all.

Anyway I won't be posting here on gamefaqs because of issues on another board and just suspect the trolls will follow me here. Them say this is an alt account or something and probably won't listen anyway. Its a shame but these guys can't be reasoned with at all. Like a terminator

Thanks again and bye
Well WTF you waiting 4 Scottie
Beam me the HELL up punk!

User Info: Tiljack

1 year ago#4
Looks like Thunder Bow XD is a level 92 weapon, so you can only get it on Inferno difficulty on levels 75+, and like everything you'd actually want to get it's a somewhat rare drop. Higher than level 75 gives a slightly higher chance because there are bit fewer possible things to get as you eliminate the lower level weapons. But Inferno's very freaking difficult to beat a lot of things past the Death Queen.
Try this spreadsheet to find out levels of other things (you can change the language to English):
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