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User Info: Areslathe

1 year ago#1
In my quest to complete 4.1 online Inferno before 5 drops, I've done the homework & playtesting to prepare Storm Team for the challenge.
To fellow Inferno players & farmers this will be nothing new, merely a fully streamlined iteration of previous methods.

Map: DLC 1 Mission 17
Stats: Yields average 13 Armor/minute. Caps out (~800/level) in about an hour.
Video: https://youtu.be/dTbIKyxGP9g

With such a short setup time (skipping most of the map) and bountiful Silver Spider armor crate drops, this method vastly outperforms farming dropships or other nests, which can take up to 4 hours for the same result.

When the Fencer is in position (during the pause) secure R2 and L2 with rubber bands.
The Ranger then demonstrates how to line the Fencer up dead center of the spawning hive for maximum auto-collection. This will become second nature in no time.
If crates begin to stack up, it's time to re-position him. The use of jackhammers repels corpses which would otherwise dislodge him, but it's not always perfect.

Ranger is interchangeable with Air Raider.
Wing divers can use Rapier Thrust weapons to achieve the same result.

Happy Farming!
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