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User Info: Sippio

2 years ago#1
I just finished mission 89 w/ Ranger.
*Tried&failed mission DLC#1 Mission 3.
But I always tried new missions on "hardest" then try to get it on Inferno..
~5 missions < how many missions I failed to do on Inferno. whatevs!

opinions I seek is on Holming weapons, Plasma aka grenade launchers,snipers.

my 1st weapon is permanently Idunn-ff. (thas a joke) i got this weird lighning gun 3 days ago and I'm in love...

~Got my health/armor up to 1100..(Ranger semi-retired @ 2250 health/armor)
(no beef/offense to those w/ 22,000 health/armor, but i want to grind it vs spider den cause i'll lose interest i fear) <how do you spell "add" = ADD! ;D

~Because i went into WingDiver soo noob w/ the class as it's totally different then basic Ranger, i didn't know which weapons we're uber...
So i used holming missles..The one that shoots 15 was awesome...But once i got 5-way one..Mirage? but i got good @ aiming it so i wouldn't hit myself..
~but i realized I'm killing em slower VS idunn.. yeah it's safer but safety can be kinda lame..
whataya think bout Holming weapons guys?

~Snipers= SO far i don't like any WingDiver Snipers..
The Thunder one STR8 OWNS indoors/caves,,and OWNS against DeathQueen,,but i suck with it outdoors. dunno if it's me or the weapon just doesn't work as it's not confined..
****REMINDS ME OF "Skyrocket grenade" from Borderlands2 pre order bonus..Those greandes ruined grenades for me as no in game grenade could compare...
(Wish wingDiver had those uber Firecrackers that Ranger had.Man the fully upgraded Firecrackers were uber & fun~!
*The 'Raijin' takes a lot of energy to use.
And the Monster= i forget.. a lot of energy/power? cant recall...
i do like the LRSL~ The highest leveld sniper is LRSL-AC, i do like it but it's not gamechanging.

~Plasma/ranged= i used them a lot my 1st few days playing WingDiver but haven't really touched em since....SHOULD I???

I know this is all preference & situational,,,
but i want to hear what other storm teams are using & like etc....


User Info: CMax

2 years ago#2
I rarely use homing weapons. When I do it's the Mirage 15 on low levels just to speed through them.

My loadout is normally the Thunder Bow XD and the Idunn FF or Monster S. Gungnir gets taken out if I'm in a party. Lances for levels with Deroys and hornets.

Particle cannons, ranged and special weapons I never use.
You'll never realize how great a weapon a Cardboard Box is until you are naked and it's all you have.
PSID: AcidHypnosis
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