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User Info: _Shinn_

3 years ago#1
I have trouble doing Komaki Tiger Drop (R1+Triangle) without triggering the heat action with the one which triggers when enemies attacks you with katana. Is it all just timing because the heat action window is so much bigger than tiger drop?

Why does heat action does such pitiful damage in this game especially against bosses? I'm playing on normal and my 180dmg katana is doing minimal damage compared to the regular 1H style square/triangle strings. Feels like playing on hard mode in other RGG games because of the heat action damage reduction.

How does the "Thorn" symbol on the gauntlet, Concealed Blade work? It says "Bestows the Blade attribute onto hand-to-hand attacks" but the effect does not work when i equip a katana with light or other attributes.

Lastly, why did Takechi appeared to be aging rapidly when he revealed himself in Ohmiya Inn? The story doesn't explain his appearance at the end of chapter 13 and we see him all young again when we confront him in the last chapter. Did he get hair dye and face lotion from the British or what?

User Info: yarrmateys

3 years ago#2
Hold the L2 trigger, while holding it all heat moves are disabled.

The heat action damage reduction applies if you start repeating heat actions. do each heat action at max only twice, then either start switching it up, or for downed enemies, hold L2 so you can spam the regular stomp
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  2. Ryu ga Gotoku: Ishin!
  3. Gameplay and plot related questions (Spoilers obviously)
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