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  3. Most brutal death in the series? *Spoilers for all games & anime*

User Info: The Popo

The Popo
9 months ago#1
After all of the games, all the anime, what would you say were the most brutal deaths in the entire series?

For me, the very first one still resonates the most. Leon getting executed by being bludgeoned to death with baseballs... that just seems like a bad way to go out. He took what looked to be over 100 baseballs and was still alive at that point. It was also a good way for the series to really hook me into the series, as it was a real “holy s***” moment to me.

Also, Chiaki’s death in Danganronpa 3 Despair Arc is borderline torture. It lasts for a pretty long time, and she isn’t exactly put out of her misery any time soon once she’s out of the dungeon. That one was bad.

Here were the worst ones per game, and in the anime, in my opinion:

D1: Leon
D2: Nagito
D3: Chiaki
UDG: Taichi (Chihiro’s father)
Dv3: Gonta
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User Info: Zack_Attackv1

9 months ago#2
For me, anything involving getting crushed to death takes the bill.

Junko in Trigger Happy Havoc
Digital Chiaki in Goodbye Despair
Kaede in Killing Harmony getting hung out to dry got a pretty good rise out of me

Everything else I felt was just atmospheric.
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User Info: Ilikebulletz

8 months ago#3
Since the title itself claims spoliers are allowed for all games...

DR1: Leon, no doubt. I think most people will agree.
DR2: Nagito
DRV3: Kaede´s- I was actually shocked at how dark her execution was. "Holy crap... these executions are on another level O_o". Kirumi´s is closely following. The other executions in the game, while terrible, didnt really shocked me in the same level as these 2.
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  3. Most brutal death in the series? *Spoilers for all games & anime*
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