Vampire Castle Tips

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User Info: HerPanda

7 months ago#1
This dungeon throws the way I was playing the game for the past 40 hours out the window. At level 58 for my party and I make it to floor 4/5 and die near immediately. I don't have anyone with a maxed Black Mage so I can't just exterminate/twilight which seems to be the normal suggestion.

-I have as many resistances as I can stick on currently for charm/confuse
-Full defense on my whitemage (which isn't enough to survive a triple cerberus).
-Actually built a tank (Swordmaster + Ninja casting Kairai on the Swordmaster), which fails hard against triple cerberus + hellfire.

Problem setups:

-4x Bats: each can one/two-shot any party member aside from my Swordmaster, to which Kairai kills my Swordmaster (therefore I can't Kairai it next turn to protect everyone else
-3x Cerberus: Triple Hellfire == dead party aside from Swordmaster.
-2x Demon lady + bat/cerberus: Swordmaster is crippled since it takes two BP to build up potential defenses from magic/physical. Bursting down a demon lady / bat with my Ninja means I didn't Kairai my tank.

I'm tempted to grind out a level 14 black mage, or worse, set enemy encounters to 0%... but maybe there's some nicer, non-mage setup I could have (I don't have any aside from a level 10 whitemage). Thanks for any tips.

User Info: Rubedo_URTV_666

7 months ago#2
You're in one of the best places to level up, so there is no reason not to. Search this board for any topic about powerful/broken job combinations and you'll find plenty of suggestions archived (99% I'm sure will work here). Or just spend an hour fighting in there, and your problem is solved.
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User Info: dirkac

7 months ago#3
Turn off encounters. The Vampire Castle enemies are balanced for much later in the game.

Do do the sidequest now though, as quite a few stuff from it is temporarily missable if you don't do it now.

You really shouldn't be hitting anywhere near Level 14 on any Jobs any time soon. It's a sign you've either grinded way too much or focused on one or two Jobs way too much.

Ideally, everyone should have around ~4/5 Jobs at Level 8/9 to switch between, with maybe one at Level 10 at the most.
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User Info: HerPanda

7 months ago#4
Yeah I ended up just turning off encounters. The last thing I tried was get an Arcanist to lvl 5 with a Black Mage braving sleep on everyone (since I'm no where near level 14), and it worked until x3 Cerberus First Strike and I was dead before I could do anything. That made me so mad that I just turned them off lol.

I thought maybe the game threw something challenging for once, but getting one-shotted randomly before any kind of setup just isn't fun.
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