Lu Bu Story star conditions?

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User Info: J2006

4 years ago#1
anybody happen to know them yet or found a guide? I've googled but I only found a guide to Free Mode objectives. Thanks in advance
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User Info: kctman

4 years ago#2
I got this from a Japanese site, so the names may not be spelled correctly.

Stage 2: Rescue Hua Xiong. Basically after you come out of Hu Lao Gate, you need to rush to the east north and defeat enemy officers near Hua Xiong. Do this quickly otherwise he will die pretty soon.

Stage 3: There are two objectives:
- Rescue Wong Yun -- Meet with him after defeating Dong Zhou. The nearby bridge won't come down, so you will need a horse. After talking to him, he will retreat.

- Obtain all tigers -- Check the areas marked on the map, kill a few tigers and they will obey you. It's best that you fulfill this before defeating Dong Zhou.

Stage 3-X: Protect Yuan Shao three times. Pretty straight forward, just follow him and defeat enemies quickly.

Stage 5: Once you have fulfilled all the star conditions, Hua Xiong will appear during the cutscene. Talk to him if you want to take the IF route.

Stage 7: Talk to Zhang Fei before he destroys all boxes near him. Zhang Fei will appear near south west of the map (stronghold on top of cliff). There is a ladder not far away from him in case you are in the valley area). You will need a horse if you are far away from him.

User Info: JulieSu

4 years ago#3
For stage 3 you need to find all the tigers before you kill Dong Zhuo. Despite there being four indicators on the map for tigers, there are actually only three groups of tigers (including the initial one). The second group is to the southwest from the first group. When you get close to the area there should be a message that tigers are nearby. The third and final group is south of where Dong Zhuo is across the moat in the area where the pyrocannons appear later. They're in a room near the edge of the map.

Once Dong Zhuo is killed Jia Xu will appear. If you found all the tigers they will attack both the pyrocannons and the ambush group that would normally appear, and Jia Xu will have a different dialogue at the end of the stage.

User Info: iceman505

4 years ago#4
They are fairly easy to obtain in comparison to some of the ones in Vanilla DW8. I hit all of them my first try.
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User Info: Lord Blade

Lord Blade
4 years ago#5
Go back in "select a stage" and it tells you just what you need for the stars.
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User Info: J2006

4 years ago#6
not until you clear the story at least once
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User Info: JulieSu

4 years ago#7
Also for stage 2 I think you need to rescue all the allied officers near Hu Lao Gate, not just Hua Xiong. You get a message for each one you rescue and when you rescue all of them he gives you a message.
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