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  3. Best way to presently make gold?

User Info: vash520

7 years ago#1
i started off 61m and at 52m after having a few flawless emeralds.. im afraid my money has found a way to leak out of my bag and I'm glad I caught this before I am left completely broke. Have any of you found any good ways of making money yet?
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User Info: xReaperXIII

7 years ago#2
Farm rifts and bounties on the higher difficulties.
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User Info: Myst2

7 years ago#3
hell rift torment 6 act 4

User Info: Sub Tank

Sub Tank
7 years ago#4
I feel like I make more doing normal difficulty bounties then selling all the trash rares.
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  2. Diablo III: Reaper of Souls
  3. Best way to presently make gold?
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