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User Info: IRHP

4 years ago#1
The game is harf, way harder than the first, but this one has the distinction of at least one unfair stage; Scene 18. Every other level before had a method available for victory if you're good. This one just drops you off with your fists alone in a room where a big dude and a shotgun dude nay see you fight a couple normal melee goons and you're screwed.

I assume you gotta kill goons perfect then somehow get gun (throw object at gunner, grab gun?) and kill big dude but it's a messy setup and it's the first stage I straight hate.

Anyone have trouble here?

P.S Camera sucks.

User Info: Orange Clockwork

Orange Clockwork
4 years ago#2
Yeah, it's a tough level. You have to get the jump on the shotgun guy quickly and grab his weapon while simultaneously trying to dodge the big guy.
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