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User Info: Xylymphydyte

6 years ago#1
I've yet to beat the game but I've seen my fair share of crashes, however, I've been slowly getting an understanding of the crashes and freezes and I think most of it is simply data readrate limitations. This being with the cartridge copy so I imagine it could be worse with the digital copy.

1. Take your time when moving
The single worst offender seems to be doing things too fast. If the game's starting to run kinda janky, pause, give it several seconds then continue onward. By pause I mean with the START button and NOT the select button. Bringing up your inventory just piles more load onto the game.

2. Take your time when navigating menus
Second worst offender easily. The menus don't allow input until they finish loading whatever it is they're on. This means that your inventory and shop interfaces have the most trouble, they don't really respond until they finish loading all of the items on hand. I believe this involves both the slots the items inhabit and the generation of thumbnails for them. Once again, just wait until they finish loading before you start mashing L or R to change tabs. The game seems more apt to freeze or crash if you queue up too many inputs while it's still loading content so cool out, give it a couple seconds, and it rarely takes more than 2 or 3 seconds for it to finish the loads anyway. To save yourself some headaches when navigating inventory/quests/etc in your Select menu, you can touch the icons at the top to directly select the tab you want.

3. Take your time when audio is playing
This is actually at fault for the somewhat infamous Bloodshot Stronghold crash it seems. When you've got an audio log playing or dialog playing and the game is seeming to have issues with it, stop moving and let the dialog finish. This also applies to dialogs that are taking a long time to start playing while the portrait is visibly next to your minimap. Chances of freezes/crashes seem to worsen substantially if you have dialog playing, another dialog queuing up from story elements that occur when you move, AND if a save is initiated at a checkpoint.

4. Restart the game from time to time
Now, I don't mean every zone or something, but every several hours of play it seems beneficial to save and quit, peel the page and start it back up. The game's stability appears to reduce over time, so it probably has a minor memory leak. Better safe than sorry I think.

User Info: Xylymphydyte

6 years ago#2
5. Let the game load
This is kind of a general application of 1, 2 and 3. The game can only load stuff so fast and you'll get generally better performance if you let it keep up with you from time to time. When you first load into a zone, let it load most of the textures, when you talk to a quest NPC, let their textures finish loading, when you're shopping, let items load, etc etc.. The Vita's a tough little bit of tech but the read rate limitations don't do this port any favors.

6. Take advantage of the Trash tag
This falls in line with #2 in many ways. When you're going to sell items, don't go to the sell tab and mash away at X trying to sell as fast as possible, instead, use the sprint button, rear-left touchpad by default, and tag everything you want to sell with the red [X] icon. Make sure it's nothing you want to keep obviously, in fact, tap that pad/button a second time to apply a star icon and mark something as favorite. Anyway, once you've marked all your junk you want to sell, go to the BUY tab and tap the sprint pad/button. This will instantly sell all of the trash marked items, reduce load on the system from dealing with reorganizing your inventory tab repeatedly AND go much much more quickly than selling one at a time.

The overall message remains to TAKE YOUR TIME. This isn't a race, and while it sucks that you have to limit your input rates so that the game doesn't get overwhelmed, it should end up saving you time overall. Also less frustration, less lost progress and less lost sweet, sweet loot.

The game has been quoted as having a patch in the works, and we may well see performance and stability updates, but in the meantime just do yourself a favor, slow it down a TINY bit and game on!

User Info: sausage54

6 years ago#3
Great tips. I'll keep these in mind. At the moment I'm going after Flynt and have only had one freeze/crash so far.
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User Info: vengeancex6661

6 years ago#4
It also crashes cause the PS Vita has problems with closing things it isn't using, like on your phone or computer it'll close out of thing when you exit them out but on the Vita even though you swipe it closed, it may still be running in the background without you knowing. This is why I recommend to everyone to reset their Vita every several hours to clear the ram and let it sit for a few and then continue playing. I reset it everytime before playing any game.

User Info: vengeancex6661

6 years ago#5

User Info: ScaryTimes

6 years ago#6
or just complain to iron galaxy and sony so they can patch the game, seriously if you cant play the game normally then this is a terrible port, you should not have to do any of that at all to simply play something, Only adive i can give is play normaly and once it crashes don't press "ok" press "report this problem"

User Info: Xylymphydyte

6 years ago#7
ScaryTimes posted...
or just complain to iron galaxy and sony so they can patch the game, seriously if you cant play the game normally then this is a terrible port, you should not have to do any of that at all to simply play something, Only adive i can give is play normaly and once it crashes don't press "ok" press "report this problem"

They have announced that patches are in the works. Just trying to help quash some frustration.

User Info: ashphoenix77

6 years ago#8
luckily the game is damn fun even to replay if you crash and lose some. but i get if you just found a great weapon and lost it. I myself have had three crashes so far but nothing major lost
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User Info: etrok2003

6 years ago#9
Im not sure the "take it slow" approach is a fix of sorts.

Started a second character(commando) and was in Damn Fine Rescue room with the turret in the left corner. ALL enemies were dead except 1.....Ran around a corner and *BAM* crashed.....
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User Info: OhGoodGrief

6 years ago#10
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