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User Info: OhGoodGrief

7 years ago#1
Has anyone had their games crash at checkpoints? Do you know what triggers them?

I've gotten error c2-12828-1 twice in the same spot and half a dozen seperate crashes.
A few of them happened after the game auto saved and I pressed select. its happened both online and offline.
The rest happened when the game went to pull up the health machine menu.

It's annoying because I keep getting sent back to the beggining of wildlife preservation when I'm 3/4,or more the way through it. I also don't want it to crash while it save since that'd probably corrupt the file..

User Info: Mcronalds

7 years ago#2
The game randomly crashes whenever I'm in the bloodshot stronghold - during the save roland mission and throughout various side quests. Sound would cut out and then crash. Game is buggy...

User Info: OhGoodGrief

7 years ago#3
Well it just crashed in wildlife preservation again. This time while i was using a ammo machine. A little after the other player used the machine the game crashed. Or maybe it was the save station near the machine which started the auto save and it crashed after that.

I keep having to fight the badass machine robot to get into the research lab. It's so annoying.

User Info: joelang12

7 years ago#4
havent had my game crash yet
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User Info: ryanfelps14

7 years ago#5
mine just crashed hopefully they release a patch

User Info: dkim87

7 years ago#6
Sadly i've been crashing a ton after hitting select. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling but it still ends up crashing. They need to patch it. Never had any crashes on any Vita games before this

User Info: LeFeverBeaver

7 years ago#7
Dang; I thought the FPS drop, sound skipping, loading times, and menu lag was bad, but you guys are having actual crashes? That blows. Hopefully that doesn't happen to me. Despite my complaints, I'm having a pretty good time with the game. I'll check back and sign in if I get any crashes.
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User Info: OhGoodGrief

7 years ago#8
Crashed again while traveling to The Dust with another player
It wont let me send an error report this time

User Info: rahlhunter

7 years ago#9
It's crashed twice on me in 9 hours of play. Not bad, but I'm not looking forward to more crashing either.
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User Info: ThaLank

7 years ago#10
I've played as far as to do all of the side missions prior to doing the Bloodshot stronghold. I had one crash during the 'Lighting the Match' mission when traveling out of Frostburn. The game hung up on a loading screen for several minutes and I finally gave up and restarted.

Also, I was in a vehicle traveling between Three Horns Valley and Divide (I think I'm remembering the names correctly) and when I hit Square to travel to the new area, I apparently wasn't facing the right spot to travel and switched up to the gunner seat. Not a big deal, but when I went ahead and hit Square again to travel (still from the gunner seat), it gave me the "you've died and been charged $x" notice upon entering the new area, and I no longer had a vehicle.

Aside from those two instances, I haven't had any other issues. I'll play a bit more this evening, including doing the bloodshot stronghold and see if it worsens at all.
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