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User Info: circlek25000

7 years ago#1
I picked up a few new characters for my party and there are suppose to be achievements for them and I never got the achievements. Any news on that

User Info: stoven71

7 years ago#2
Same, uplay says I unlocked Finn but no achievement popped for him. However the sister character unlocked fine!

Also the achievement for using 2 side characters in battle won't pop!

Not sure why

User Info: USNA_Diesel

7 years ago#3
Same achievements I'm having issues with...
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User Info: jasonfine

7 years ago#4
You get Finn's achievement later on when he joins your party for the 2nd time and if you achievements don't pop up at all, hard reset your Xbox One and it'll fix it.
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User Info: plaguebearer_3

7 years ago#5
I can't get the achievement for meeting igniculus -.-
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User Info: Jaws2007

7 years ago#6
Is the Finn one confirmed? I have been unlocking achievements but the one for meeting Finn didn't pop before going down the well. I guess it will unlock the second time?

User Info: ChEeFiN_ErMaC

7 years ago#7
When you complete Finn's plea, his achievement will unlock...same with the Oaegus achievement that you get later in the game.
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User Info: plaguebearer_3

7 years ago#8
This is weird, won't give me the achievement "girl and a firefly" I've tried power cycling my x1 and everything still won't pop. And this is the only achievement I'm missing for 1000/1000 *frustrated grunt*
XBL: Plaguebearer3
PSN: Plaguebearer_3

User Info: xTeKNiQuEx

7 years ago#9
Try clearing your X1 cache. I had this issue with MGS GZ. Did a cold reset and all my achievements worked again
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User Info: VladIIITepes

7 years ago#10
This was discussed at Xboxachievements, and it seems the only fix to unlock these achievements was to delete your save and start over again, they did try new game+ but that did not unlock those achievements either, the only way was to start over with a new file.
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