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User Info: Quickshotz10

5 years ago#1
So I recently bought the F-16XL. It's level 4 now and is amazing due to its 4AGM. Anyone have any thoughts on this plane? Should I level it up to 10?

User Info: junkman351

5 years ago#2
The real question is, should you level it up to 15?


Going by stats to level 13(14-15 are missing) and final cst it should be on par with FB22, but the lack of LAGM means Reg34 and AX will best it. People say what they will about the nerf but 2200+ MR's wreck with LAGM like its their birthday. SOD is an interesting SPW(try it with Area M+bomb power), and GPB is amazing for Naval TDM. 4AGM has its merits too, so if you like the plane go for it. Pretty likely you'll need that level 11+ upgrade to stay competitive at high MR though. Main problem I see is the lack of slots, and in particular the less useful bias toward body slots. F117 and A10 have the same cst, similar weapons and an extra Arms slot. Higher cst attackers have 4-7 more.

I've been thinking about the XL too, I just have too much in the works to spare the credits. Project X29, FB22, Murica-16, various SPW's and parts, its a nightmare... Oh, B1 and B2 also...
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User Info: Beboptopcat

5 years ago#3
junkman351 posted...
People say what they will about the nerf but 2200+ MR's wreck with LAGM like its their birthday.

From my limited experience (Su-34 and F-4E) it's only the Multiroles which got nerfed for ground attack capabilities (Lagm etc). Lagm's on my lv6 Su-34 seem to do the same dmg they always did while my lv5 F-4E now needs two(!) Lagm's and a regular missile to take out a single bunker.

On topic, i have no money for the F-16 XL so i'll stick to my F-16C and F-16F's for now ;p

User Info: Flaren89

5 years ago#4
To understand the difference between Attackers and Multiroles with air-ground special weapons, take this example:
A-10A -GG- does almost double of the damage with FAEB than the regular S/MTD with the same weapon on Pillboxes at ph1 of Mission #8. But notice that A-10 starts with a 100 base Cst difference (600 vs 700), so in deficit. Still got little more base damage (C vs B+) but can't explain this huge difference.
So I may say that Attackers got somehow the same bonus damage of a theorical Advanced Warheads (Sp.W.) / Bomb Power in LL version (notice the double L).
Stating this and the fact that air-air special weapons are tuned to the standard missile (and so 4/6AAM used by Fighters are much better than used by Multiroles), I think that there is no reason to use Multiroles in 8 or even some 6 players rooms unless you leveled up only 1 or 2 Multiroles and no Attackers or Fighters (like me). 2 fighters and 2 attackers should be the best team setup. Multiroles are still viable in 4 players rooms as they can fight in both ground and air actions and the lack of players forces to choose a plane that is able to do both.

User Info: Quickshotz10

5 years ago#5
I have my F-16XL now at level 5. I may go for 15. My MR is 1850. I try not to go into higher rooms with attackers. I like the F-16 family and have been waiting for this plane to show up for awhile. SOD is really good on this plane. I tried what you said and it does quite a bit of damage :)
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