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User Info: LILDOOP

2 years ago#1
Hey everyone, I play Street fighter 4 a lot. Juri is my favorite character in the game because of her playstyle and her character. I love her and I am quite good with her I would say, but I cannot store fireballs well at all. I cant hold down the buttons and fight, it doesn't work. :( If I hold down X, O, and R2, how can I fight still? I cant. So what would you recommend I change my button configuration to when I play Juri Han? Or is there just another way to store fireballs without holding down the buttons?
Please someone comment and help me out here, I've tried to figure out how to do this for a very long time, and Idk a good button config to switch too, I don't want to mess up my controls; So if anyone has a particular button config they have had good experience with could they please share it with me? Or if there is any way to store fireballs without holding down the kick buttons or if there is any tip or easier way to do so, please tell me. I want to be able to do this, would make my combo's so much better and I want to be able to master it before I buy Street fighter 5.

Anyway, any comments are appreciated, thank you. :)
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User Info: Sharashaska

2 years ago#2
I wouldnt recommend switching button config. To be honest, i prefer playing as juri with an arcade stick controller. Its much more precise and easier. Holding Fireballs and especially her feng shui ultra is much much easier to pull off combos from the get go, than i did with ps3 controller.
Maybe its just me but some characters like ryu or guile i can play better/easier with ps3 controller and some others like rufus yuri or fuerte its better with my arcade stick
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