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User Info: Kolari

5 years ago#1
As of right now, this is avail for download on PSN for $10, and included is the quest for Booty game for free with it.

I haven't played a R&C game since I was totally displeased, with Up Your Arsenal, and had given up on the series.

After playing Nexus, which so far is fantastic, I'm thinking about getting Tools of Destruction and or Crack in Time.

My all time favourite is the First R&C game for PS2. Going Commando was, ok.. Didn't have the same loveable
comic feeling as the first game, and it seemed to add in some political B.S. that turned me away..

But this is a good deal seriously for $10. Not sure how long its going to last, its part of the PS3 Greatness sale...
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