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User Info: Liger8188

5 years ago#1
Now from the looks this board is deader than dead, but I have a question. My question is this what weapons give +raritanium and do any arena challenges give more raritanium more than others. Because, I've been doing the introduction match, with the Zurkon Family, with two of the +raritanium upgrades on and getting 1 raritium per match at best, sometimes nothing. Can anyone give me other weapons in the game, that have +raritanium upgrades?

User Info: phone

5 years ago#2

The best +raritanium weapons are the
- Temporal Repulsor
- Winterizer
(and much later on)
- Vortex Grenade
- Netherbeast

Personally I had the best results with the Winterizer especially once it levels up, the snowman you create drop presents which can be destroyed for more bolts and or raritanium.

User Info: Liger8188

5 years ago#3
Okay, thank you so much. Trying to platinum the game, before the reboot comes out that I already have pre-ordered. Plus, I'm a slow gamer.
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