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User Info: aces4839

5 months ago#1
...I still can't get close to passing the 10 star extreme songs. I'm lucky to break 70% before failing. They're easy at the beginning but they explode into madness after that. This is after coming back from Project Diva X also.
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User Info: Mapuru

4 months ago#2
Well maybe u are not playing it the right way ?
Do u dual wield ? u can use directional pad for an alternative of square circle cross or triangle buttons, this tech is really sufficient especially for higher difficult song that are too fast and require button smashing

If u have already done that and still cant get over it, try switching to your left hand each time your right hand feel numb or the button change to another kind in a row ( OOOXXX -> right hand : OOO; left hand : XXX ), this will make your right hand feel a lot lighter and relieved since u doesnt focus all your stamina in one hand.

Still cant get over it ? Play till u can lmao

I've already perfect every song in this game, practices make Perfect, LITERALLY, this game is still super duper easy compared to the arcade version that got ported on PS4 (which im currently trying to perfect it, still have a long road to go though), remember to breath when u play, dont stress your hand/finger too much, pushing a button harder doesnt make it go faster, push it faster instead

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