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User Info: -Clodia-

4 years ago#1
I just finished Danganronpa and I am left with the impression that the developers didn't think everything quite through, or that they didn't care so much about some details. Or maybe I just missed some explanations?

For example, I can't wrap my head around about why there are supposed to be ten bodys in the bio lab. It's not like they are ignoring the way people died for the sake of story telling completey, since Mukuro's way to die played a major role in uncovering the identity of the mastermind, but shouldn't there be just nine bodys, considering Mondo was, kind of, pulverized? That way the number of blue lights shouldn't have raised any suspicion at all.
Is that just lazy writing or did I misunderstood Mondo's execution?

User Info: XcZeus3469

4 years ago#2
The executions are, as a general consensus, agreed to be a dramatization of what happened. regardless, even if things occur as you said, his bones would likely still be intact and thus put there.

Also while I am probably one of the most anti spoiler nonsense people on gfaqs, you're giving away one person who died and also someone central to the plot with 0 warning.
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User Info: -Clodia-

4 years ago#3
Um, why exactly would someone who didn't play the game and doesn't want to be spoilered go into a topic with a name that most probably contains something that has to do with the story? I just supposed people indeed do have some common sense. I really thought about a way I could name this thread in a way to stay free of spoilers and thought that would do it.
Furthermore I began my question with an introduction like "I just finished and think there are inconsistencies I want to talk about". Every person should know that the next step would be me talking about inconsistencies about the story which most probably will contain spoilers.
I also hate spoilers and I was involuntarily spoiled on this board many times before. But what never happened was me reading a thread about a game I want to play that contained obviously someone who was going to ask anything detailed about the story. What could "10 blue lights" possibly mean any other than that sometime in the game there would be an issue regarding blue lights and that I do have a question about that? And even IF someone didn't get that (what I can't really think of, but anyway), the introduction text should make this very clear.

Aside from that, I thank you for you answer, that could be a possible explanation. Even if I'm not completely convinced since this game tends to take its dramatizations quite literal from time to time.
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