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User Info: MutantBuster

6 years ago#1
Seeing how the game is broken I can't deal with this now anyway, but I have all 40 nostaljunks. All except 5 of them are 100%'d

but my scores stuck at about 18,000 so I can't beat the game

Anyway the one I never got is the Airplane.

How did you guys deal with this? I can't exactly go to an airport if I'm not flying anywhere, and even if I did It would be quite difficult to nail the right angle. since I have to be slightly above and to the left of the plane.

User Info: RobotWalrus

6 years ago#2
I cheated. :3

I went here: https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/model.html?id=222c0d99446148babe4274edc10c1c8e, clicked on the button on the upper right that says "View 3D views of this model" (there are three buttons, the one you are looking for is the one in the middle), and then tinkered around with the camera (you can move it around with your mouse, and zoom in and out with the mouse wheel) until I got the plane in the right angle.

Hope this helps!

User Info: jobdiesel

6 years ago#3
I have cheated a bit too. I take a photo with a digital camera of the silhouette as displayed on the 3DS screen (using a dark background). Then I open up the photo on the PC, paste into word and increase size, decrease size etc as appropriate to get the silhouette on the 3DS screen to match that of the photo and take a shot with that. I have also messed with the lighting under presets to increase contrast and brightness of the photo. I've got quite a few at 100% where otherwise it wouldn't work. I've also used images from the web and got 100% there too. The issue there though is that the angles have to match the silhouette and that's only okay if the image is shot at the right angle in the first place.

User Info: jobdiesel

6 years ago#4
Forgot to say that once I have the cutout, I shoot another image from the net so it better fits the nature of the object. That way I have the exact shape I want without the hassle of getting it 100%. Looks nicer than the simple black shapes that I get from using the photo of the 3DS screen trick.

User Info: AlgusUnderdunk

6 years ago#5
Yeah... the airplane is a REALLY insane one to get, all things considered. Sooo... cheat, then use a cutout to get a nicer version of it.
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