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User Info: AlgusUnderdunk

6 years ago#1
Well, looks like the latest spotpass to let us know who won fragged the game in some way, making the Chibi PC, and by extension most of the game, inaccessible. Hopefully they'll fix it soon, I genuinely play this game once a week to unwind despite having finished every little bit of it months ago.

User Info: ChiefDamonGant

6 years ago#2
the contest message must've had bad coding in it which is causing the PC to crash upon loading it's contents. Nintendo will most likely have to send a SpotPass update that just removes the e-mail from the PC.
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User Info: AntiSocial

6 years ago#3
Glad it isn't just me this happened to. I thought I was going to end up having to delete it and start over before I decided to check here.
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User Info: Wolfenpilot687

6 years ago#4
Oh, goody. I thought it was just me. I guess we'll have to wait for a bit.
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User Info: Gruanckreepruck

6 years ago#5
This is really pissing me off, especially since i won that last competition. I want my custom costume D:
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User Info: Franzfan23

6 years ago#6
I have that problem too!

User Info: G-fuzz

6 years ago#7
This is happening to me too :(

User Info: Trevor_Belmont

6 years ago#8
I just got this bug this morning. Will deleting the game but keeping the save data and then re downloading the game (whenever Nintendo gets the eshop back up) fix the problem?
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