Looking for a partner for master survivals

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User Info: ImperialDragon

2 years ago#1
Have a feeling completing these will be slightly easier with a partner. If anyone is interested please leave your gamertag here and I'll send you a message next time I'm on.

If you do not wish to play but have some tips for me, those are also welcome. Thanks.
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User Info: KiwiKid980

2 years ago#2
Add me Kiwi Kid980 I can help you with those :)

User Info: shakeNbaked23

2 years ago#3
I'm down to help, gt: shakeNbaked23

User Info: Mercenary871

2 years ago#4
Great is mercenary871 I'll also be up for playing online haven't really had a chance to get stuck into the game properly yet

User Info: Caldo15

1 year ago#5
You can add me Caldo15 I've been meaning to play Battlefront again and get the achievements

User Info: jerseydevil1125

1 year ago#6
i'm down to play survival. i just got the game and would like to try it out, my gamertag is "J0E FACE". the 'o' on joe is a zero.

User Info: Infinite 2003

Infinite 2003
1 year ago#7
Not sure if anyone is still doing this but if they are GT:KNIGHTRAVEN89
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  3. Looking for a partner for master survivals

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