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User Info: DynoStretch

3 years ago#1
Is there some way to focus the camera on a specific enemy in this game?

I ask this as I've mostly been exposed to the spinoff Warrior games like Hyrule and One Piece, and both have a camera lock-on system that lets you focus on major enemies.

I saw there was an option for manual or auto targeting but I haven't seen any changes in how the game plays when I play around with this setting.

Is there some trick to it or is it just to show you an arrow over an enemies' head?
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User Info: HanbeiKliesen

3 years ago#2
There is no way to target an enemy in this game, most warriors games actually do not have such a feature. Hyrule Warriors has this because Legend of Zelda has a lock on mechanic in its main series, I'm not sure about One Piece.

In most games, the arrow on an enemy's head only means thats whose health you would be viewing at the too left corner of the screen.
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