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User Info: Priss_Lance

6 years ago#1
New player to DE:HR, and I'm having trouble with a particular aspect of the game. I'm aiming for a stealth run of the game (until the boss battles I hear about), and I'm trying to disarm some mines that prevent me from progressing. According to the Wiki, the mines can be disarmed by approaching it via sneaking, yet I do that and they still explode. I've tried hugging cover to approach them, they blow up. I tried cloaking, they blow up as well.

How can I disarm these mines without resorting to triggering them with thrown objects or just outright shooting them?
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User Info: TazmanianD

6 years ago#2
You probably still have running enabled (not sprinting). You need to crouch *and* walk (toggle run off). If you do that, they're a piece of cake to disarm.

User Info: eolsunder

6 years ago#3
Yep, you have to be crouched, AND walking, not running so turn off your caps-lock. This allows you to approach the mine without triggering it. If you aren't doing both the mine will explode when you get into range. If you ARE doing both you can walk right up to it.
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