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User Info: PaulJA

6 years ago#1
Updated the battery cell regen script with the correct memory location for this Director's Cut edition.

// - - - - -
local addr = "[[[[[DXHRDC.exe+01607B1C]+0]+44]+198]+278]+27c";
local f = createForm( true );
local t = createTimer( f, true );
timer_setInterval( t, 1000 );

timer_onTimer( t, function( )
local energy = readFloat(addr);
if energy then
if math.abs(energy % 30.0) < 0.005 then
writeFloat(addr, energy + 0.01);
end );
// - - - - -

How do you know it's legit? Compare it with the original script, 100% the same except for the very first line, i.e. the memory address location and the executable name.
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