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That 90k is after nerf. Before nerf they were 90k-100k. Means they were able to use different abilities to almost eliminate impact of nerf. All this means is you will now need to use different abilities. And if you weren't using min-max meta, the impact of nerf would be lesser coz most of the abilities nerfed are part of min-max meta. That is why meta has changed.

For your build, you were using those skills coz they were best/meta, typical of a min-max build. Now you will have to use some other skills. As for gear, you already were not using min-max gear, so impact for you would be lesser. In fact some of non meta sets got buffs.

A friend who isn't into meta went from 25k to 21k dps, still good enough to do vMA. I'd recommend waiting for patch and trying out yourself.

I play stamblade. I have two staple AoEs. One of them is totally nerfed and won't be using, and for other gonna use the other morph. My spammable is nerfed, but another one that I can use now. So basically just need to use different skills.
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