2 months ago #2
You should probably read the patch notes for next weeks update...


Those are for PC but it's basically what we'll be getting too. Pretty much every area of effect ability is getting its damage reduced- in the case of Elemental Blockade by 30%. While most damage over time abilities (like Entropy) are having their damage buffed or left where it was.

Unless you can rely on someone to pop the synergy from Solar Barrage I think Meteor will deal more damage.

Entropy has always been an underrated skill imo, you definitely want to be getting Major Sorcery from somewhere. Your choices are basically run Entropy, use the Rattlecage armor set (5 piece bonus is major sorcery at all times) or use expensive potions.

Sun Fire is another Templar damage over time skill that grand you major prophecy, increasing your spell critical by 2100- that generally translates into around +10% crit chance. Your Dawn's wraith passives mean you get 3 ultimate when you pop a Dawn's Wraith ability and you get Minor Sorcery- +10% spell damage.

Go find a trash enemy, a crocodile, troll, whatever. Have a look at your spell damage and spell crit character sheet. Hit them with Entropy and Sun Fire and check your sheet again, you should be pretty impressed with how much your getting buffed.

If you can keep Entropy and Sun Fire up you should do really well:)