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  3. Dark Brotherhood/Thieve's Guild event soon

User Info: Gigant0pithecus

2 months ago#21
Mostly just gonna grind out the bounties/ dailies in each region, and possibly the heists and sacraments, on two separate assassin/thief characters. Not interested in that deer looking mount so it'll be mainly for potential motif drops, double rewards, etc.
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User Info: viperlordxx

2 months ago#22
Anyone check out the new Crown store gem items yet? I did, and Dear Lord, talk about straight f***ing garbage.

ZoS needs to give up and hand the reigns over to a more competent dev team. They clearly could give two s***s for their game at this point, and the performance and "rewards" shows it.

Been waiting six months for another Mid Year Mayhem, instead we got a PVE event that offers s*** in terms of items. They should at least still offer the gold jewelry in the next few weeks, like they do every year for the event.
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User Info: WFO66

2 months ago#23
Yeah, as I said before it doesn't matter if they have mid-year mayhem this year or next year, the servers and game performance will still be s*** no matter when they have it. I don't know who they think they're kidding.

They should've had a different event in place of it, but instead we get another duplicate event they just had recently. I honestly don't give 2 s***s about another Dark Brotherhood/Thieves Guild event, don't think many other people do either. It's just lazy on their part, there's no other way of looking at it.

Oh, but wait, you can start getting some more stupd ass berries again. Wow, thanks Zenimax.
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  3. Dark Brotherhood/Thieve's Guild event soon
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