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User Info: the_requiem

4 weeks ago#11
I haven't done all the story DLC yet, so not sure of order. This should help:

And looks like DB did have some characters from main story, Hew's Bane is 100% isolated.
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Lord Heimdall
4 weeks ago#12
Yeah, but to progress in Thieves Guild and Assassins Guild Questlines you'll have to get their respective skill lines to a certain rank, which will involve you going into a random city of a random faction and steal random stuff / kill a certain NPC.

Other than that, you can do the DLC in any order, but: 1) Some DLCs have "prequel" quests that will force you to go to a certain place in other faction territory; and 2) There's no specific order to them though I recommend doing Clockwork City before Summerset (only because of a few lines from Sotha Sil which wouldn't make much sense otherwise).

ZeroJinKui posted...
and wait, to do silver/gold, i need to finish the invasion, as well?

I case it wasn't clear: you can do all quests for Cadwell's Silver / Gold before finishing Coldharbour invasion, but you'll only get credit for it after finishing the invasion (which triggers Silver / Gold).

Also, you don't need to play Coldharbour again after finishing Silver to unlock Gold.
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