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User Info: sony_vaio

1 month ago#1
I’m a noob. Going to build a sword and shield warrior. Should I go with all heavy armor? Suggestions appreciated.

User Info: Crimsonhead4

1 month ago#2
Yes, if you are going the tank route you’ll definitely want to use heavy armor and a word and shield is pretty much necessary. Tanking solo can make fights last much longer since you typically deal less damage, so it’s not a bad Idea to slot a staff or melee weapon (depending on if you are going to be a magicka or stamina tank) as a secondary weapon once you turn level 15.
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User Info: FluffyKidJoe

1 month ago#3
Use a couple pieces medium as well, at least while you're leveling up.

Personally I run 3/2/2 leveling, by level 50 all 3 armor types are nearly maxed out.
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