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2 days ago#21
Mad_Cartoonist posted...
Yeah, but it’s not actual dual wielding.
My point stands.

Please don’t take me seriously.
If we don't take you seriously, we can't have an argument that brings this post to 50 replies!

Ultimate is king, but Double Form is cooler and highlights the snappier combat that the update brought to KH3.

Honestly I'd love Double Form more if it had a dodge roll instead of a dash, but the damage output of Ultimate Form is pretty good, even if it's not the fastest combo in the land.
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2 days ago#22
I used the Oblivion for seven of the data fights then switched to the Ultima. Omg. The difference was like night and day. I didn't realize how much better the Ultima was. The teleport attack by itself is so handy. Being able to go into the Ultimate form at the start is great too. Beat the next two data fights on the second try, just messing around.

Though I feel like using the Oblivion made me a better player instead of relying on the Ultima's power. Also it's just plain more fun to use and looks cooler imo. Double Form feels more snappy and responsive. With the Ultima I feel like I just get whisked away sometimes with the long animations.
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