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User Info: BoardHero

1 week ago#11
Double Form is what I use when I want to feel strong without being broken. Like Master Form in KH2.
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Ultimate Form is worth the grind to obtain the strongest keyblade. The keyblade itself even looks badass.

You've seen the other two before. It's sweet that you can dual wield, but Sora and Roxas have done that in Days and KH2. This is the first time that Sora's been a teleporting sword portal blaster man and so it's more novel.

User Info: SBK91

1 week ago#13
Ultimate is better in pretty much every way.

User Info: Maiave

1 week ago#14
Double Form has a better Enemy tracking when they are falling I feel.

I love both but Double is more satisfying.
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User Info: SorakhII

1 week ago#15
Ultimate form is still more powerful
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User Info: Deathtnks

1 week ago#16
Mad_Cartoonist posted...
Double Form dual wields, so that’s an automatic win.

Ultimate Form gives you Unlimited Blade Works, much better then just using 2 Keyblades.
Deathtnks posted...
Ultimate Form gives you Unlimited Blade Works, much better then just using 2 Keyblades.

Yeah, but it’s not actual dual wielding.
My point stands.

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User Info: egpNoodlez

1 week ago#18
Ultimate Form is what Armiger wishes it was, and it's also UBW and Gate of Babylon in one. Seeing that move where the blades fly vertically into portals to do an infinite cutting effect like a chainsaw was joyous, just feel like screaming "ZASSHU!" at the enemy as they're annihilated.

Nomura must have been happy finally realising most of his vision for gameplay Noctis through Sora. Sora now has Ultimate Form that easily rivals Armiger, and can warp like Noctis too (either his dodge in Ultimate Form, or the use of Airstep which is a way better feeling input than <lock-on+warp> ).

User Info: nolimjoe

1 week ago#19
<p class="">There is an attack in ultimate form's combo that constantly whiffs and makes you stay in the air for a long time, I had to either stop the combo to avoid that one attack and then wait for the enemy to fall down and then continue attacking or maybe I have to air step in the middle of that attack to get better results. the combos in dark form/light form and double form don't whiff at all. but the ultimate form does a TON of damage
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User Info: Terantatek

1 week ago#20
If we're talking about what's factually better by efficiency, then its Ultimate and that's no contest in the slightest.
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