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  3. Was this game a disappointment?

User Info: Smoker_Face

3 days ago#1
Or did it meet the hype? Do you think the director's next game will be any different?

User Info: slmcknett

3 days ago#2
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Was this topic a disappointment? Or did it meet the hype? Do you think TC's next topic will be any different?
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User Info: 7656198

3 days ago#4
Depends who you ask like with anything else that is opinion based. Why are these topics still a thing is the better question.
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User Info: Tmo_1992

3 days ago#5
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User Info: BatCom

3 days ago#6
There's been a million topics on this but generally speaking I think it was considered a mild disappointment for most people because of the story and the gameplay having a lot of missed opportunities (no coliseum, really easy, lackluster post-game in vanilla etc.)
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User Info: Sideus

3 days ago#7
Pre-DLC: Absolutely. It's in this weird place where it was everything I could've asked for and more and still left me feeling unsatisfied. It really could have benefited from another two Disney worlds, more OC plot throughout the game (like expanded Twilight Town with a second visit, or another OC world), and a completely revamped endgame.

Post-DLC: Yeah. I'm not really sure what I was expecting from the DLC, but "literally just repeat the worst section of the game" was not it. Sure, the extra scenes helped, and the new fights pretty killer, but overall, it did NOT fix the major problems that the base game had.
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User Info: SmokyProgg

3 days ago#8
Yeah, it was good but there were definitely elements that fell short of my expectations
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User Info: Velvet__Crowe

3 days ago#9
Hard yes.
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User Info: thegreatwumbo

3 days ago#10
The only things I found disappointing:

-They should have spread the main story throughout the game more

-There should have been more non-Heartless bosses

-They did basically nothing with Maleficent and Pete

-There wasn't enough to the 100 Acre Wood world

-Radiant Garden or another non-Disney world should have been in it

Otherwise I loved it.
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