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  3. Would you enjoy a co-op mode in KH3?

User Info: Perkolator

3 days ago#11
Just make a whole separate game that is just Days Mission Mode + Mirage Arena in a new format. Have a bunch of unlockable characters with their own levels, skills, and move sets. Game would be an instant hit.
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User Info: Nate_Allen

3 days ago#12
no that sounds pretty awful

User Info: Shiraishi_Mai

3 days ago#13
i would totally enjoy a co-op mode.

User Info: crynryan

2 days ago#14
If we had another game with multiple stories with multiple characters, I could see them doing online coop the way Resident Evil 6 does where other players join in if you're all trying to load into the one area of the game at the same time. Little 4-5 minute sections at a time is all, mostly for boss fights.

That being said, the time and effort taken to even include online multiplayer would make them want to do much more with it than just that as after the game's been out for a while it'd be hard to find people and most would just turn the feature off or not have Live/PSN. So a Days' Mission Mode would probly happen as well.
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User Info: wwinterj25

2 days ago#15
Morrowindmodman posted...
Have your buddies

You assume too much. Providing the single player doesn't suffer I don;y care what type of online they add though.
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User Info: Morrowindmodman

2 days ago#16
wwinterj25 posted...
You assume too much.

People would form groups on here you could play with.
I don't have any buddies that play KH and I don't pay for PSN, so no, I'd probably not play it. That said, the idea sounds interesting enough and I'd like to see it for what other people do.
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Yes but not in KH3.
Would like it to be its own thing preferably doe i would also not be against a "Halo" Style where they just drop in a Player 2 and throw you in.

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Would love it.
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User Info: crynryan

1 day ago#20
happypor100pre posted...
a "Halo" Style where they just drop in a Player 2 and throw you in.

Except it would look incredibly lazy at this point. Basically every coop game after the first Gears of War has had the other characters be a part of the story, and I really wouldn't want to see games get worse about coop. KH has more than enough characters already that they could do more side stories with multiples of them teamed up that this would not need to ever happen.
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  3. Would you enjoy a co-op mode in KH3?
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