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  3. Who carried over keyblades?

User Info: eliteoneXP

4 weeks ago#1
Just curious. I feel I should be going into crit totally clean.

User Info: UnlessJack

4 weeks ago#2
I don't know man, early Glide sounds really fun to play with.
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User Info: SirBuckford

4 weeks ago#3
I did. Ultima starts out at rank 1 with drastically decreased stats, with the same for all other keyblades as well.
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User Info: kkusagami

4 weeks ago#4
i did ,because the hardwork on doing those freaking mini games to craft an Ultima Weapon.Just limited my self not to use keyblades that unlock after cleared the worlds.

User Info: AceJay

4 weeks ago#5
eliteoneXP posted...
Just curious. I feel I should be going into crit totally clean.

You are given the keyblades, but you don't have to equip them.
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User Info: eliteoneXP

4 weeks ago#6
Yea screw it I don't wanna do the minigames for ultima again

User Info: Dark Gunner

Dark Gunner
4 weeks ago#7
I actually never did get Ultima... should I do that first? Or just go into critical with what I have?
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User Info: Darkinsanity1

4 weeks ago#8
I did for fun and it turns out crit mode is hard enough to justify it.

Two downsides for me though. With all the best keyblades available already I wont be using some of the others as much.

And if there isn't a bigger upgrade available later on I wont be as motivated to do the side stuff to get stronger.

God of War's NG+ is a good example of a good NG+. You could get higher level equipment which was pretty cool.

I didnt even expect them to add a NG+ to this game though so its cool that they actually did. Just wish it had some other incentives to play it.
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User Info: 587Deathking

4 weeks ago#9
I didn't I wasn't planning to 100% the game until Final Mix comes out anyways
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User Info: Angelalex242

4 weeks ago#10
I carried 'em over. Using Ultima Weapon off the bat increased the 'rocket tag' feeling of the game, because everyone's launching nukes at each other.

You absolutely MUST dodge and not get hit.
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