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  3. When did you find the story to get to convoluted or worse in your opinion?

User Info: anthonygamer3

1 week ago#1
I thought KH2 was the last, I was so interested in Re:Chain and the first game, but I don't know why I lost interest after them.

User Info: Drizzy_Drizake

1 week ago#2
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User Info: Archwing3441

1 week ago#3
DDD or re:coded is when I thought the story was going down hill >_< re:coded was weird to me with the data stuff and DDD introduced time travel.

User Info: RPGNoZero

1 week ago#4
When Sora left his dinner
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User Info: DeadliftKing91

1 week ago#5
I didn't find the story convoluted or hard to follow at all until DDD. Which I just replayed the scenes that confused me (time travel mechanics), and have seen what others said online, and it wasn't confusing any more.

I'm sure it helps that I marathonned all the games within a month timespan, so all the info was fresh in my head.

User Info: guidolheat

1 week ago#6
After KH2 I found the story not convoluted, but full of holes.
KH2 had already made the keyblade less special, I could get behind Roxas having one because he’s basically Sora. But then riku has one as well which we were told in the last game had been given up to Sora, kairi gets one too simply because riku summons one for her which leads me to believe anyone can just randomly summon keyblades and give them away.
Then 358/2 introduces Xion who is not even hinted at in the previous 3 games and whose existence serves only to fulfill the “save the princess” trope Nomura loves.
Then BBS introduces keyblade masters and apprentices making them even less special than before and retconing the fact that Riku was “chosen” by the keyblade. Also the whole MX plan was weird but whatever.
DDD threw it over the limit with the time travel stuff and UnionX completely messed with the timeline of events and introduces alternate universes if I’m correct.
The story has been going downhill for a while, but I’ve enjoyed the series based on the Disney/FF aspect and the gameplay.

User Info: slmcknett

1 week ago#7
I never thought it was "convoluted." We def could've gone without time-travel (and especially without Union X in general), but that's about it.

I found the story in KH3 to be very sloppily and lazily slapped together. But that's not really the same thing.
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User Info: lolak

1 week ago#8
I haven't. I like the story.
It got hard to follow if you werent paying attention starting with 2 but still fairly possible to understand. The only two major sorepoints were at the time simple enough that most people could follow the storyline.

It got noticeably worse with each successive game as soras heart started to contain more people than your average apartment.

Then ddd released and added time travel paradoxes, clones, another sub reality in addition to original 4, and changed to rules on how hearts and nobodies worked which point it went past the point of no return.

Then add the mobiles and the endless word salad presequel interquels and its just....hopeless at this point.
Omnia Moritura
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User Info: Booglee

1 week ago#10
DDD mindf***ed everyone
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  3. When did you find the story to get to convoluted or worse in your opinion?