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  3. Any Keyblade you got attached to and still use?

User Info: KH2FMguy

1 week ago#1
I just went absolutely nuts over Favorite Deputy when I got it, and I still use it to this day. I haven't made it to the final boss, but I'm thinking about taking it off just now in favor of the Nano Gear.

I got attached to it not for the Toy Story origin, but the transformations it has. I loved the hammer form, and the drill arm form, as a hammer is one of my favorite weapons, and I'm a Gurren Lagann fanboy. I'm just nuts for it.

What about you guys?

User Info: hdx514

1 week ago#2
Once you go Ultima you never go back.

User Info: Doublesouba

1 week ago#3
I'm assuming this is not including Ultima. I used Kingdom Key throughout the whole game. I like that it's balanced, so I feel like I can use magic and physical attacks without worrying about switching weapons. I also like the one you get from the last world, but I wish it was a point stronger in each area.
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User Info: Hirokey123

1 week ago#4
Classic Tone for me, it's a story of love, of hate, a real after school special.

Also Ever After basically almost never left my equipment when I got it.
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User Info: goodlyoak

1 week ago#5
Kingdom key

User Info: IcyWind14

1 week ago#6
I think I've developed Stockholm syndrome for Dawn til Dusk.
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User Info: Kingdom080500

1 week ago#7
Shooting Star is my baby. Loved it ever since we first saw it in the E3 2015 trailer.
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User Info: UnlessJack

1 week ago#8
Nano Gear and Ever after is going to be mainstays for me.
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User Info: JustSnilloc

1 week ago#9
I used Shooting Star almost exclusively until the end. The Pirates keyblade got some good usage in too whenever magic ran out.
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User Info: dabestgamerYT

1 week ago#10
Ultima Weapon, because I've been a sucker for that weapon since KH1.

I've actually taken a shine to Hunny Spout because it inflicts Slow on enemies (or at least I think so, if I'm not crazy).

And the last slot... debating between Starlight and Kingdom Key, because I do like Ancient Light and Ars Arcanum. So... I dunno.
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  3. Any Keyblade you got attached to and still use?
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